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Free PDF Reader with Splitter and Joiner

Trekker is a free PDF reader software which works as a PDF Viewer, Joiner, and Splitter. Also, it can extract text from PDF, rotate, etc.



Trekker is a free PDF reader software which can be used as a PDF Viewer, Joiner, and Splitter. Apart from these features, it can be used to extract text from PDF, rotate, and print a PDF file. It lets you work on individual pages of a PDF file as well.

Although Trekker software is a good PDF Viewer, it cannot handle a Password protected PDF. You will get an error message for a password protected file. Do not worry, we have a solution for that as well. Try PDF Password Locker & Remover to remove password from PDF files.

There are many PDF Splitter, Joiner, PDF Text Extractor, Printer, and Rotator software already available but “Trekker” is a combo pack of all these applications. Trekker has a user-friendly interface which is divided into different Panels for different tasks (Viewing, splitting, joining, etc).

Trekker Panels:

Trekker software has an attractive interface as it contains a menu bar, menu list, and panels for different tasks. Trekker’s main page is divided into three Panels: File Panel (Top Left), Mode Panel (Bottom Left), and Viewer Panel (Right).

File Panel:

In File Panel, you can select a PDF which you want to view, split, join, print, etc. You can select a single file or multiple files by these methods:

  • Select one file with mouse and others with CTRL + Mouse click.
  • Select the first file in the list with mouse and last file with SHIFT key + Mouse Click.
  • Simply dragging the mouse cursor from bottom to top.

Mode Panel:

Mode Panel itself consist of two modes: Page Mode and Join Mode.

  • Page mode contains a list of pages to be viewed and split.
  • Join mode contains a list of files to be joined.

You can toggle these modes by selecting modes in Mode Panel or from Tool Bar or by hotkey ‘F2+P’ (for page mode) and ‘F2+J’ (for Join Mode) key.

Note: Join mode should have at least two files to be joined.

Viewer Panel:

This panel is basically for viewing the selected page of PDF file. Also, You can zoom a selected page according to a percentage, height, width, etc.

Features of PDF Viewer:

Trekker is mainly used as PDF viewer, PDF splitter, or PDF joiner, but apart from these features, there are some more options available in this software. These are:

  • Rotate a file or a selected page.
  • Extract text from a selected page: This PDF Viewer lets you extract and save text from a selected page of PDF. Select a page and click on “Text From page” option from Menu List or Menu Bar.

  • Print a PDF file or a selected page.
  • Lets you join, split a PDF through menu bar or keyboard.
  • Contains a detailed manual in the Help menu.

Now let’s see how Trekker works as a PDF Viewer, PDF splitter, PDF joiner, etc.

How to Split a PDF File:

This software splits each PDF file into individual pages. You can view all pages individually in the view panel and save each file in the selected folder.

You can save individual pages by selecting one page and saving it to the selected folder.

You can also save a bunch of pages by these two methods:

  • Select a group of pages together from page mode and add them to the Join List. You will get a single file for the selected pages. But it is saved in temp folder by default and will be deleted upon closing of Trekker Software. So you have to save this file from temp folder to another location. You cannot change the default path.

  • Add pages to Join List one by one and then you can save all pages to the selected folder.

How To Join a PDF File:

To join PDF, first select all PDF files from the File Panel, then you get a list of all pages. Now you can add or join these pages by below mentioned two methods:

  • Select and add all pages to the Join list together. In join mode, you will get a file but this file is saved by default in the Temp Folder. You have to save a copy of this file to another folder otherwise, you will lose this file and also you cannot change its default folder.
  • In the second method, you have to add all pages one by one in Join List and can save a joined PDF to the selected folder.

Note: You can change the order of files to be added in Join Mode by selecting a file and clicking up or down arrows as shown in the below screenshot. Also, you can clear the Join List by clicking the second icon from left, appearing just above the Page Mode (Join Mode).

Password Protected PDF:

As per Help menu, Trekker can handle a password protected PDF. But as far as my experience with password protected PDF, I got an error message. Whenever I selected a password protected PDF an error message appears in View Panel.

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At the end of this review, I can say that Trekker has a good combination of PDF viewer, splitter, joiner, etc. You don’t need to install a bunch of software for a PDF file modification. It lets you work with individual pages, you can view, print, extract text from a single page. Although I faced a few bugs, but the software is good enough to use as a PDF Viewer with Splitter and Joiner.

Try this Free PDF Viewer with PDF Splitter and Joiner, share your experience and any suggestions for my review in the comments section below.

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