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Free PDF Merger for MAC to Merge and Split PDF Files

After reading this post, you will get to know how to merge PDF on Mac OS X. It is quite simple by using both Preview or PDF Merge Split for Mac which is a free PDF merger for Mac.



In this article, we will talk about a free PDF merger for Mac to merge and split PDF files. To merge two or more PDF files is quite necessary in our daily work. It would be no issues if you want to do that on Windows for so many PDF Merger applications in the digital market. However, Mac OS X is quite different from Microsoft Windows. Here, we will recommend two ways to help you combine multiple PDF files. Both for free.

Merge PDFs with Preview.

Preview is a built-in App that could make it easier for viewing images or PDF files on MacOS operating system. As a Mac user, Preview will be your most frequently used application when dealing with digital images or Portable Document Files (PDF).  Following the next steps and you will learn how to merge two or more PDF files with this smart App.

  1. Open one PDF in Preview.
  2. Enable page thumbnails in the sidebar. (How? Choose “View” then click “Thumbnails”).
  3. Drag another PDF and drop on the thumbnail. Alternatively, you can go to “Edit -> Insert -> Page from File”.
  4. When everything is done, remember to save it as a new PDF.

pdf merger for mac

What if I want to insert specified pages?

In many cases, we just want to combine certain part of a PDF rather than a whole file. It is still easy to do that with Preview. Walk through the following steps now.

  1. Open the original PDF in Preview and enable the thumbnails.
  2. Open a new PDF in Preview. Select the pages you want to insert while holding the Command Key.
  3. Then drag the desired pages onto the thumbnails of the other PDF and let go of your mouse’s left button.
  4. Remember to save and export a new PDF.

Preview could be your first choice if you have not too many PDF files to combine. Drag-Drop is facilitated and simple but low-efficient when dealing with hundreds or even more PDF files combination. Therefore, we will need a third-party tool to do that in a simplest way.

Merge PDF on Mac with a free but professional application.

PDF Merge Split for Mac is a free but professional Mac application that will save tons of your time when combing plenty of PDF documents. Most importantly, it is 100% free. No need to charge for using its functionalities.

Run PDF Merge Split for Mac on your Mac OS X system and it brings with an intuitive interface. No need to waste time to learn how to use it. Follow the steps and you can start merging PDFs on your MAC in one minute.

  1. Drag and drop your multiple PDF files. You can add as many files as you can. No limitations.
  2. All PDF document will display orderly with its name, page number, size. You can change the order by dragging each row.
  3. Select “All Pages” or enter page range for each PDF.
  4. If ready, click “START” button to specify a destination to export a new combined PDF.

See? It is much more convenient than Preview to combine multiple PDF documents. What’s more, this application is not only design for merging PDF but also used for splitting PDF pages. It provides three ways to split PDF.

  1. Split PDF evenly. A PDF with 6 pages will be separated into 3 single PDFs with 2 pages by entering number 2.
  2. Keep pages. Specify the pages you want to keep by entering their page number.
  3. Remove Pages. Specify the pages you want to exclude from the original PDF document.


You can get it by downloading from also provides free online PDF combination service for its users. If you prefer to merging your PDF online, no matter you are using Windows system or Mac system, you can visit its website and try its online services.


After reading this post, you will get to know how to merge PDF on Mac OS X. It is quite simple by using both Preview or PDF Merge Split for Mac. But, just as I have mentioned before, you should use a more professional tool if you have so many PDF documents in your work. Absolutely, the free PDF Merge Split for Mac is preferred.

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