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Free Online Uber Fare Calculator

Uber Estimate is an online Uber fare calculator that can help you calculate the Uber fare for free.



Uber Estimate is an online Uber fare calculator that can help you calculate the Uber fare for free. It can tell you about your Uber ride’s fare estimate and arrival time estimate of the cab. Uber is one of the best cab service providers which quickly sends a pick-up cab for you whenever you book a ride. Be that as it may, what we don’t get is the estimation of how much your ride will cost until the point when you reach your destination. Carrying enough cash in such a case winds up troublesome. This is the place where this Uber fare calculator can turn out to be useful.

To calculate the Uber fare, all you have to do is enter the pickup and drop location in the website and then it will give you the estimate of the sum this ride will cost you.

How to Calculate Uber Fare Online:

At first, open the website and you will see two boxes namely, “Pickup At” and “Dropoff At”. Now, enter the pickup and drop location in the boxes and click the “Calculate”.

After you have done that, it will show you the estimation of the fare for the Uber ride you have searched for.

Uber Fare Calculator Estimations:

As shown in the above screen capture, you will become acquainted with 3 estimates as follows:

  • To begin with, you will see the fare estimate of your Uber ride or destination location on the top of the screen. There will be 3 estimated fare amounts shown based on the car size you require. The three car sizes demonstrated are UberX, UberGo, and UberXL.
  • After that, the pickup and drop location of your Uber ride will be displayed on the map alongside the travel time estimation.
  • At last, the arrival time estimation of the Uber cab will be displayed.

Below these options, you will see a share button that can help you share this data with Twitter, Facebook, or Email. There is likewise a shareable link provided, which can be utilized to share the cost and ride route info with your companions.

There is “Live Map” option on the upper left of the page, where you can select your pickup and dropoff locations utilizing the live map.


Generally, I discovered this online Uber fare calculator site really valuable. You can get an estimated cost of your next Uber ride and carry enough cash with you. At whatever point you are in the need of knowing an expected sum for your Uber taxi ride, this site is the place you ought to be at.

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