3 Best Free Mandala Maker Software for Windows

In this article, you will learn about 3 best free mandala maker software for Windows. These software include tools and features which allow you to make your own mandala arts. You may create spiral mandala arts, mandala with random patterns, Kaleidoscopes, etc. To draw a mandala, these allow you to set brush size, brush color, canvas color, brush opacity. More customization options can be found in each of these software like fill color, gridlines, painting mode, masked brush, etc. After you finish your mandala drawing, it can be saved as an image to your PC.

Let’s see what are these mandala maker software:


Kaleidoscope is a mandala maker software which is a portable application. It allows you to draw Kaleidoscope and mandala arts. Its main window has an empty canvas where you can draw your mandala arts. If you right click on the canvas, it gives you multiple options. You may select a type of art to draw from following options: Kaleidoscope, Kaleidoscope of Kaleidoscope, Symmetrical Kaleidoscope, Spiral, Random, Kaleidoscope from Image, Border. It also allows you to set pen size, pen color, no. of sides, and image height.

This mandala maker software allows you to record video of the process of mandala art creation. You may start recording the video at any point and then stop it to save the recording from right click menu. The output is saved as an AVI movie. Besides that, you may save your mandala art in a png image file.


Spirality is a free Windows 10 app which allows you to draw Mandala arts. It contains a drawing canvas and multiple drawing tools on the main screen. You may create a mandala by using a simple brush or spiral brush while enabling mirror stroke. It allows you to customize pen settings like pen width, pen color, pen opacity. You may set a background color and enable gridlines for the mandala canvas. It allows you to redo or undo your actions. After finishing up mandala drawing, you may copy the image to clipboard, save it to a png image, and share it through Mail and other apps.

Note: You may purchase its premium version for unlocking features like selecting pen pattern, multibrush tool, etc.


Krita is an open source painting software and 2D animation software. It is an alternative to mandala maker software. It has a Multibrush tool which can be used for drawing mandala art. It allows you to set brush settings for generating mandala art. You may edit brush properties like size, opacity, color, shape, softness, angle, density, source, painting mode, masked brush, etc. You may use its fill color tool to color your mandala art. It also allows you to save your mandala arts in a lot of image formats like gif, bmp, png, jpeg, tiff, webp, etc.

Note: You may refer to this video tutorial which helps you learn how to create mandala arts in Krita.


So, these mandala maker software are easy mediums to create mandala arts. All of these software are the best in business for making mandala arts with multiple customization options. You may also save your mandala creations locally in multiple image files. I have mentioned the key features of these software. You may check the entire list and get the one which you like the most.

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