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Learning Game for Kids Freeware to Play and Learn Letters, Numbers

Childsplay is a free learning game for kids software. Actually, it helps to learn images, sounds, alphabets, numbers, colors, etc. with fun.



Childsplay is a free learning game for kids. Actually, it helps to learn images, sounds, alphabets, numbers, colors, etc. with fun. It has a nice collection of different types of games to play like Billiard, Flashcards, Puzzle, Pong, etc. All these games will enhance the memory power of kids. Also, it will help kids to learn the use of mouse and keyboard.

As many kids have confusion among alphabets, colors, images, etc. The nice collection of games in this free learning game helps those kids. All necessary help tips keep flashing at every step which makes it easier to play this game.

Kids can learn math, uppercase alphabets, lowercase alphabets, numbers, sounds, pictures, colors, animals, etc. while having fun.

Let’s see how this free learning game help kids to improve their very initial educational knowledge.

How this Free Learning Game for Kids Improve Memory Activities?

As I already mentioned that this free learning games for kids is free and can be installed easily. But you have to sign up with your name to play. There is a list of different games inside like Billiard, Flashcards, Puzzle, Pong, etc. All games have different 6 levels and each successive level is little harder than previous one. A graph is available to see the result at the end of each level.

Every game can be played with different styles and help to learn a different thing. Now let us discuss each game one by one.


This game will improve memory power. In this game, you have to identify and match two similar pictures, as shown in the below screenshot. You just have to find the similar cards and hit them. In this way, it will keep increasing the memory power and also increase the power to differentiate images.

Lower Case Character Memory

This is same as Memory. All rules to play is same but here you have to play with lower case alphabets. As shown in the below screenshot, cards of similar lower case alphabets are to be identified. It will help the kids to learn and identify different uppercase alphabet with fun.

Upper Case Character Memory

It is just similar to the above mentioned Lower Case Character Memory. Here you have to play with upper case character cards.

Numbers Memory

It is also similar to those above-mentioned games. In this game, you just have to play with numbers. It lets your kids learn numbers with lots of fun. All rules to play are similar.

Sound Memory

This game is used to identify similar sounds. All rules are same as in the above-mentioned game. Here you have to listen to sounds carefully and hit with the similar sounds. It will help to improve the ability to identify the sounds


In this game, you need to hit the fish only with the mouse. So, it helps the kids to identify different species, as shown in the below screenshot. Also, it will help to increase the speed and accuracy with the mouse.

Sound Association

In this game, you have to listen to the number carefully and hit that number with your mouse. It helps to learn number, improve the accuracy to handle mouse cursor.

Here one other Sound Association game is available in which you have to find animals with their sounds. You can see the pictures of different animals in the below screenshot. You just have to listen to the sounds and hit the related animal. This game helps the children to learn animals and their sounds.

Keyboard Training

This learning game for kids improves the coordination of hand-eye. In this game, numbers are coming down from top to bottom in the screen and you have to make those numbers disappears before touching the bottom level by pressing those numbers in the keyboard. Below screenshots shows the numbers which are coming down from the top.


As the name reflects, here you have to solve the puzzles. It also has 6 different level. Here you have to arrange pieces of the picture, as shown in the below screenshot.

Pong Classic Tennis Game

In this game, you have to hit the balls with your bat by using up and down arrow key. This game can be played in three modes:

  • Single Play: Hit the ball against the wall.
  • Multi player against the computer: You have to defeat the computer.
  • Multi player – You can play against another player.


This game for kids is just like the real billiards but here you have to hit the ball with the mouse, as shown in the below screenshot. Kids will learn to identify the colors as there are balls of different colors to hit.

learning game for kids


Packid game helps kids to learn different words. As in this game you gave to eat the letters in order. In the below screenshot, you have to eat the letters of ‘FISH’ in order.


As this game will help to learn kids many things like letters, alphabets, colors, images, sounds, animals, different words, etc. So, it is a very useful game for kids of preschool. This game lets your kids learn new things with fun. Share your experience or any suggestion in the below comments section.

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