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Free Equalizer Software for Windows to Experience Better Sound

These are a few free equalizer software for Windows which can help you experience better sound while listening to music or watching a movie.



Windows comes with a basic volume controller that lets you control sound, but does not offer good equalizer control. An equalizer helps in adjusting various components of sound so that you can enjoy the music as per your liking. Most of the media players come with a built-in equalizer, so many a times you don’t need to install a stand-alone equalizer. However, if you are listening to internet radio, then you might want to control the output, and a free equalizer software would come handy in that scenario.

Below I’ve reviewed a few free equalizers for Windows namely: B-SEQBlue Cat’s Triple EQ, and RealTime Equalizer.


B-SEQ is a free equalizer for Windows that offers you various equalizer settings which you can adjust while playing desired sound track and at the same time allows you to preview song. It has the ability to play only one song at a time. It offers you 10 various types of frequencies which can be adjusted instantly while listening to your favorite song. This free equalizer for Windows lets you play music of 4 types of bit depths which are Q6, Q12, Q18, and Q24.

It also offers you level indicators which you can use to separate indication for both the right as well as the left channels. It offers you song length indicator, volume slider and two progress bars beneath the volume sliders which can be used to keep a track of the audio levels. It offers you good format support and works with WAV, FLAC, MP3, WMA, OGG, and many other formats effortlessly.

Blue Cat’s Triple EQ:

Blue Cat’s Triple EQ is a free equalizer for Windows that comprises of 3 bands semi-parametric equalizer and shapeable filters so as to neatly modify the bandwidth. It offers you three filters that are inter linked with each other, this serves beneficial when you modify the frequency or the bandwidth and the parameters get changed accordingly. Therefore, it has the ability to control the equalizer with a single mouse click. It provides you automation curve or MIDI so as to control the equalizer in real time with ease.

Not only that, it provides you various controls which can be used to easily design the filter shape. The best part of this free equalizers for Windows is that it offers you clean and continuous time-varying equalization facility that comprises of not latency.

RealTime Equalizer:

RealTime Equalizer is a free equalizer that lets offers you better sound experience by allowing you to modify audio signals of music files in real-time. It comes in two editions namely: standalone installation and as Winamp plugin, but in both the cases you need to install Winamp for better results. It supports music files in MP3 or WAV formats. It provides you 300 channels along with amplification levels, so as to modify sound tracks like professionals.

free equalizer software

This free equalizer software offers you two types of skins which can be chosen according to your desire.  It lets you adjust the preferences where it offers you dynamic equalizing, stereo options, spatial resurrection, and lets you to set the quality, slider, and range of the equalizer. It offers you multiple presets which you can choose accordingly and save them in *.eql format.


These are a few free equalizer software for Windows which can help you experience better sound while listening to music or watching a movie. Try your hands on these free equalizer software and check out how perfectly they work.

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