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5 Free 4K Video Compressor Software for Windows 10

Here, we will talk about 5 free 4K video compressor software for Windows 10 which let you compress 4K videos and reduce their size.



Here, we will talk about 5 free 4K video compressor software for Windows 10. The 4K videos actually contain a flat or horizontal display resolution in the order of 4000 pixels. There are various distinctive 4K resolutions available. However, the standard 4K resolution is 3840 x 2160 which is otherwise called 4K UHD. With such huge numbers of pixels, no doubt 4K videos are also huge in size.

Now, if you have a lot of 4K videos on your PC, that means they are eating up a huge amount of storage space on your disks. But, if you want to save up space and also don’t want to lose the videos, then compressing the 4K videos is the best choice for you. There are many techniques to compress 4K videos like convert them to x265 format or you can tweak the video properties such as the resolution, bitrate, encoding, level, profile, and so forth. These things can be done using 4K compressor software.

But, when it comes to 4K compressor software, there are very few choices and the available ones are mostly paid. Yet still, I managed to find 5 free video editing software, which you can use to diminish the size of 4K videos utilizing different strategies.

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Let’s get started with the software.


Handbreak is an open-source and free 4K video transcoder software using which you can transcode your 4K videos from x264 to x265 format and decrease their size. Moreover, you can modify the framerate, make it peak rather than consistent to diminish the number of frames wherever conceivable. You can likewise alter the video quality and change the video resolution if you need.

Handbrake offers different video presets for a variety of devices. On the off chance, that you would prefer not to go through the video options manually, then you can simply choose a target device for your video and this product consequently gets the best video options for that particular device. This is how you can use Handbrake to convert your 4K videos seamlessly and compress them to reduce their size.

HitFilm Express:

HitFilm Express is one of the well-known video editors which you can use for free. You can utilize this software to easily compress and reduce the size of your 4K videos. For that, you can import any 4K video in the editor and then select the export option. This will allow you to see the video properties which you can tweak before exporting the video.

In the video properties, you can transcode the video to x265 format, make bitrate encoding variable inside a characterized range, and change video level & profile to alter the video quality. In the event that you need to change the video resolution, you can do that as well. By modifying every one of these options, you can easily compress the 4K video and ultimately reduce its size.


Avidemux is another free video editing software which you can use to compress 4K videos. It is a simple to use software for encoding tasks and basic video editing. To compress a 4K video, you can import it to this editor and manipulate the video properties to reduce the size. It provides different options to enable you to cut down a lot of MBs from your 4K videos.

In order to compress a 4K video, you can simply begin with changing the encoding configuration to x265. After that, you can manually configure the video properties for the encoding. In video properties, you can adjust the bitrate, turning, quality, profile, encoding mode, resolution, and framerate of the video. After you’re done with all these configurations, you can go ahead and export the compressed version of the 4K video.

OpenShot Video Editor:

OpenShot Video Editor is another free and open source video editing software that can assist you to reduce the size of 4K videos. You can easily import your video to this editor, adjust the video properties (with no editing required) and then export it to get the compressed version of the video.

Rather than having a dedicated option to select the encoder, this video editor provides video profiles. You can simply pick a profile which you find suitable to decrease the size of the 4K video. At that point, you can modify the profile as needs be to reduce the size of the video. You can simply configure the video pixel ratio, encoding, resolution, framerate, profile, quality, level, and numerous different options.

AV Video Converter:

AV Video Converter is the last free video converter software using which you can compress 4K videos in order to decrease their size. For that, you can simply import a 4K video to this software and adjust the video properties. You can modify the video codec, resolution, video quality, mode, and some audio properties too.

By making suitable adjustments to these properties, you can compress the 4K video and decrease its size. Do take note of that, this video editor is free for non-commercial use only. On the off chance that you need to utilize it commercially, then you would need to purchase the paid variant.


So, these are some of the best free 4K video compressor software for Windows 10 which you can use to compress 4K videos and reduce their size. They exhibit all the essential features incorporated into an easy-to-explore UI making it much easier for you to do the job. Try them for free and let us know which one you favor and why.

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