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5 Features To Look For In A Best Plagiarism Checker App

In this post, we will talk about 5 features to look for in a best plagiarism checker app before you start using them.



Plagiarism is the most basic and important factor to be concerned about. If you don’t bother with this then you will have many problems in getting high ranks. This problem is centrally based on your writing but it can affect many things and the worst thing that can happen is dropping down your rankings. But the question is how can we check the plagiarism in our content? You can check to do it by using the plagiarism checker app or we have many more online tools.

The thing you should keep in your mind is to keep your content safe from scammers like we have seen many websites or tools that can easily copy your content. Scammers are not limited to copy your content, there are many more things that can happen when you are going to use these tools.

We have concluded some of the features that must be present in a plagiarism checker app and then it will be considered as best or suitable.

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Important features to look –

Some features will make things easy for you and you can get your suitable tools by following these steps. Some things are meant to focus but some of them can be ignored. We are going to discuss the things which cannot be declined.

These features are listed down and discussed in detail so, with the help of these features, you can easily pick the best plagiarism checker app.

1. Go for free:

As we all know that everything has pros as well as cons, the same goes in this case. The professionals recommend you to go for free plagiarism checker. Many tools are easily available for free but they also have their paid versions available and easily accessible by anyone.

We have two choices; one is to go for an app and the second is to use online tools but the preferable source is an application. As we mentioned above that many scammers are looking for their prey online so, it is not recommended to use free online tools. But when you use an app, the threat must be minimized so, always choose an app to check your plagiarism and keep your content secure.

2)     Make sure the security

It’s something big to deal with like it is not easy to check the security but it is not impossible, there are many ways to do this job. The very first thing you can do is to check the reviews, if an app has a good rating and quality reviews then go for it.

Security is very important because sometimes, as soon as you enter your content in the input box to check, it may copy by the scammers and they can easily use your content. The worst thing is you don’t even get a notification or something but when you check your content the second time, it shows plagiarism in it.

Due to security reasons, we recommend you use the application instead of using free online tools.

3. Must be user-friendly

The factor “user-friendly interface” attracts people the most and it is quite obvious that easy to use application is more preferable and most used applications. For a technical audience, it is not that difficult to use complex interface apps but it can be very much difficult for non-technical users.

When we are going to develop something like if we are going to make an app, both the user’s technical and non-technical must be our priority. So, here we are talking about what to see in a plagiarism checker and it is not wrong to say that go for user-friendly interface applications.

4. Go for fast app

It is not suitable to use a slow app for checking plagiarism because it is something that needs speed and less time to consume. When you are working in a forum in which you have a lot of work and a lot of documents to scan then it’s a need to have fast app.

If a single document can take several hours, then it must be difficult to wind up your work in the specified time. But now the thing is how can we find out the fast apps without using one? So, checking reviews will surely help you out in this scenario.

5. Multiple file formats

As we know that when it comes to the documents we have various formats in which PDF, TXT, RTF, HTML, and OTD formats are included. It is a good choice to go for an app that accepts each type of file format either it is PDF or TXT, it will check the plagiarism quickly.

This feature can easily minimize the user effort of converting files into the specified format and get the results in the required format. These types of apps can be work as 2-in-1 that you can check the plagiarism as well as convert the file in your required format at the same time. But one thing that cannot be impressive for some users is that this type of checkers may be paid but it is an exceptional case.

Bottom line

We can say that the internet is safe as well as full of scams but you can keep yourself safe if you choose efficiently. Many things can be harmful to you but at the same time, you have many tools and software that will be very helpful. We have discussed how to choose a suitable plagiarism checker that can be safe and easy to use.

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