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Facebook Album Downloader for PC to Download All Photos in a Click

See how to download all photos of a Facebook album to your PC. In this post, here’s a Chrome extension, which is a Facebook Album Downloader



I am sure up till now you must have created a lot of albums on Facebook. We all love to upload tons of photos to Facebook, create an album and post it. But, the problem is that if you need those albums back on your PC, then there is no such native method to download them all. You will have to download each photo of album separately. So, wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool or Facebook album downloader which can download an album in one shot? Well don’t worry now as in this post, I will tell you about how to download all photos from a Facebook album to your PC. For this, I will use a Chrome extension, DownAlbum.

DownAlbum is a handy Chrome extension to download a Facebook album. However, this tool may not work properly every time. But when it does, it packs all the photos of a Facebook album in a ZIP file and downloads that ZIP to your PC. Also, you can go for other approach and that is by saving the thumbnail page on your PC.

How to Facebook Album Downloader for PC to Download All Photos in a Click?

DownAlbum Chrome extension can download an entire Facebook album to your PC. You just have to open the album you want to download and then call this extension. The extension works in a straightforward manner and there nothing about it to describe in detail.

So, make sure you have installed DownAlbum Chrome extension. After that, you can click on its icon to see its interface. There are several buttons on it which are used for different purpose.

downalbum interface

Now, open any Facebook album and after it has fully loaded, click on the icon of the DownAlbum. Form its interface click on the Normal button and then there will be a new page open which has all the photos of the target album.

downalbum thumbnail page

From the thumbnail page, click on Change name label and after that click on Auto Zip all option. As soon as you do that a ZIP file will be downloaded on your PC with the name “”. All the album photos are inside that file.

downalbum download zip of all photos

You can extract that file to find photos. After you have got your photos you should be happy.


DownAlbum is the best Facebook album downloader extension is available out there. You can use it to download an entire album and it won’t let you down. A few people complain about it that it doesn’t work. But I have tested it a few times and it worked like a charm. So, if you still fail to download an album through it, then you can drop your comment here. I will be there to help 😀 In the meantime, you can try Game of Thrones Facebook DP filter, flag DP filer.

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