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How to Export Bookmarks from Chrome

See how to export Bookmarks from Chrome. This simple guide will help you export Chrome bookmarks to an HTML file for backup, sharing purpose.



If you are a Google Chrome user, then you know that this browser is an outstanding one as all the functioning is very smooth. It eases the browsing experience which is it quite noticeable. However, when it comes to dealing with the bookmarks, then so many people know how to create a one, but they don’t know how to get them out of Chrome. And that’s why I chose this topic. Today I will tell you about how to export bookmarks from Chrome. You will be able to export all the bookmarks as HTML file. And the best part is that you will do it without the help of any third-party software or tool.

Exporting bookmarks from Chrome is quite a fun. You just have to deal with the bookmarks manager of Chrome pretty intelligently. After getting the final HTML file, you will be free to anything you want. Bookmarks are our close friend and we need them to remember certain web pages for future. If you like Chrome browser, then I will recommend you to read about activating night mode in Chrome, identify fonts on web pages, take screenshots in Chrome, etc.

How to Export Bookmarks from Chrome?

Exporting bookmarks from Chrome is as simple as it sounds. The final HTML that will be generated can also be used to import bookmark to Chrome. You can also use the export bookmarks method for bookmark sharing purpose. If for some reasons you feel the need of sharing the bookmarks with any other person.

So, now let’s get started. Run Chrome Browser and the open Bookmark Manager. To open it you can either hit Ctrl +Shift + O together and you can open using the 3 dots icons in the corner. Then from the Bookmarks menu, chose Bookmark manager. See this screenshot to understand how Bookmark Manager looks like.

Bookmark manager chrome

Now, after you have made it to the Bookmark Manager, click on Organize drop down. After that click on Export bookmarks to HTML file. Next, after clicking on it an HTML file will be downloaded. You can keep it anywhere you want.

Export bookmarks Chrome

This is it. This is all about how to export Bookmarks from Chrome. Using this very simple guide, you can easily backup your Chrome bookmarks. And at the right time, the backup bookmarks can be used. In the same way, you can also import bookmarks back, You just need the backup HTML file. And in the Organize drop-down of Bookmark Manager, you will have to use Import option instead of Export.


This guide about how to export Bookmarks from Chrome is very useful in many places. After exporting bookmarks from Chrome, you can keep them as a backup for the later time. Also, you can share your bookmarks with some other person. Also, if you are going to move your bookmarks to another PC, then this method will also be useful.

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