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Exercise Reminder Software for Windows To Get Alerts To Do Exercises

Get Exercise is a free exercise reminder software for Windows PC. This tool notifies you to do some basic stretching exercises as per the time set by you.



Get Exercise is a free exercise reminder software for Windows to get alerts to do exercises. This tool notifies you to do some basic stretching exercises according to the time you have chosen to get notified. These notifications for stretching exercises come along with visual instructions as an image. These stretching exercises keep on repeating after a certain time that you have filled in Repeat Time.

Other than stretching exercises, it can also notify you for moderate aerobic sessions and even for hard circuit training sessions. You can customize the number of exercises, types of exercise, and all the times you want to be notified.

This tool also comes with an option to get audio notification along with the Notification Window and Instructions images. You can also get Late Night notifications to go to bed after 11 pm. It also notifies you to Get Up and move around after every 3 hours work on a computer.

Using This Exercise Reminder Software for Windows

Get Exercise is a portable software for windows so you don’t even have to install it. All you need to do is download and run the executable file. Since this tool is actually for prolong computer users, you need to feed Start Time and End time of your computer use. This tool only reads time in 24-hour format.

This tool basically notifies you for three different sets of exercises: Desk Stretching Exercises, Aerobic Exercises, and Circuit Training Exercises.

Desk Stretching Exercises come first, as it is the primary focus of this tool to notify you about certain stretching Exercises for 6 different body parts. These body parts include Back, Neck, Shoulders, Hands, Legs, and eyes, as these body parts are most affected due to prolong working on computers. A number of stretching exercises for each of these body parts range from 4 to 9. You can choose from these six body parts for which you want to get notifications and instructions, and also choose to limit exercises per part, between 2 to 9.

Then comes Aerobic exercises, here it lets you feed time for basic aerobic exercises, like Standing, Walking, Jogging, Cycling, Swimming, Skipping, Nordic Bowflex, and you can even add other exercises manually. It lets you add time for two different exercises under @Work and @Home options. You can even feed multiple timings for a single exercise by putting a comma between the times. For example, if you feed 1210, 1410,1610 for Standing, then you will get a notification to Stand at 12:10 pm, 02:10 pm, and 04:10 pm every day. By feeding time with first three letters of any day the of week, you will get notification only on mentioned days the of the week. If you feed 1500Wed, 1700Fri, 1800Sun with swimming option, then you get a notification for swimming on 3 pm, 5 pm and 6 pm on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday respectively.

It also provides notifications for Circuit Exercises. Under this section, you can feed time for tough circuit exercises, like SevenMinuteExercise-male, SevenMinuteExercise-female, Total gym, and others. Like Aerobic exercises, you can choose to feed time for two different exercises at a time. You can also feed day along with time to get a notification on a particular day of the week like Aerobic Exercises.

There is a default 20-20-20 relaxation exercise for eyes. Here, you get instruction to take a break of 20 second every 20 minutes and look at something 20 feet away from you.


I will recommend this great tool to all those people who spend a lot of their time working on a computer. It notifies you to take a break from work and do some stretching exercises. The best thing about this tool is that, unlike other such tools, this software not only reminds you to do certain stretching exercises, but also provides you with visual instructions with images.

Try “Get Exercise”.

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