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How to Download Windows 10 Updates Manually & Install them Selectively

See how to download Windows 10 updates manually & install them selectively. Use this tweak and select Windows 10 updates from a list



If your Windows 10 PC was set to download and install updates manually, then you know that it uses so much data and takes a fair amount in installing updates. So, wouldn’t it be nice that you can download updates manually and only install the important ones? Well, to work around this issue, today I will tell you how to download Windows 10 updates manually and install them selectively. There is a tiny piece of software, called Windows10ManualUpdate can help you installing Windows 10 updates manually.

Windows10ManualUpdate software comes with GUI and lists all the updates available for your PC. You can see details about the updates which are available for your computer. And if you want, you can selectively install Windows 10 updates from the list that it shows. Thus, you can also call it Windows 10 update on demand. You can install Windows 10 updates without wasting so much your precious time.

How to Download Windows 10 Updates Manually?

Windows10ManualUpdate can finish installing Windows 10 updates as you wish to. This doesn’t even require installing on your PC to download and install Windows 10 updates. It first searches for available updates and then it lists them all. You can then choose the updates you want to install, and it will install those for you.

After grabbing the software, run it and it will search for the available updates for your computer.

windows 10 manual update serach

Now, when it has searched for the available updates, it will list them to you. From the list of updates, you can see which ones are important and which ones are optional. You can analyze it by reading the description of the update. If its driver, hotfix, or system security updates, then do select it and install it. Otherwise, left the other updates.

how to download Windows 10 updates manually & install them selectively

You see how easy it is to download Windows 10 update manually. You just need a right tool in ding is that and Windows10ManualUpdate that right tool for this.

Download Windows10ManualUpdate from GitHub

Bottom Line:

Windows10ManualUpdate is a useful tool for Windows 10 lovers. Use it to download Windows 10 updates and manually and get rid of the irritating Windows 10’s built-in automatic updates. I hope you will find this useful and use to download Windows updates manually time to time. And for other Windows 10 related stuff, you will like to read about free file explorer alternatives, themes for Windows 10, shutdown timer software, etc.

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