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Download Virus Sample on Your PC for Free to Test Antivirus

Looking for latest viruses/malware fo research? Then have a look here; you will find a giant website to download virus sample on your PC for free.



Sometimes due to the poor performance of the installed Antivirus, you may run into various problems. In that case, you need to check your Antivirus to ensure whether it is working or not. The problems can occur to due to not updating the AV for a long time or any other. However, there are some methods available that you can use to test your Antivirus software. And if you want to do serious testing, then you can test your Antivirus on an actual malware. So, today I will discuss here a free website which lets you download virus sample on your PC for free to test Antivirus. The website that I will introduce her calls itself VXvault and you can download the latest virus sample from it.

Not only to test Antivirus but you can also use this website to do research on various computer viruses. There are tons of virus sample you will find for testing. If you are good at inspecting viruses, then you can use the virus database of VXvalult in your software or application. And don’t worry while downloading a virus from this website. The virus is kept under an encrypted archive as a simple file that you can’t execute on your PC.

Download Virus Sample on Your PC for Free?

VXvault website is pretty simple one and you can easily download virus samples from it on your PC. It stores the virus sample on its server by including various details about the virus. You will see the SHA1 hash, SHA-256 hash, MD5 hash, VirusTotal report, URL, IP, size, name, and date added. You can see all these attributes of a virus and then you can download it on your computer.

To download virus, simply open homepage of VXvault and then you will see the list of available viruses there. You can also search for a specific virus via its MD5 hash.

vxvault home page

After choosing a specific virus, it will redirect you to a new page. On this new page, you will see the various properties of the virus that I have already mentioned. To start downloading it on your computer simply click on the download link. The download link is direct and your download should begin in a moment.

vxvault virus sample

That’s how you download viruses on your PC using with the help of VXvault. And I told you above that it gives an encrypted archive (password protected), So, to extract the virus from the archive you will have to enter a password for that. The password of the archive is “infected”.

Bottom Lines:

VXvault website is one of the best websites to download virus sample on your PC for free to test Antivirus. You just have to go through the website to find the latest computer virus sample that you want to download. After reading all of its characteristics, you can easily download it on your PC. The computer virus sample comes in password protected archive so it will not harm your PC. Other similar sites to VXvault to download virus sample are Tuts4You, VX Heaven, and VirusShare.

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