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Download Twitter Videos, GIF in One Click with TwittaSave

With this handy guide, you can see how to download Twitter videos, GIF in one click with TwittaSave Chrome extension, download GIFs too.



You may have seen a lot of videos in your Twitter feed. But, the next moment you feel disappointment as Twitter hasn’t left an option there to download them. By default, you can only view Twitter videos and it sucks sometimes. Unless you use some third-party tools, you will not be able to download Twitter videos. That is why here I am going to tell you about how to download Twitter videos, GIF in one click. To download videos from Twitter, I will explore a handy Chrome extension here that calls itself TwittaSave.

TwittaSave Chrome extension makes video downloading from Twitter pretty much easier.You just have to open the video you want to download and then invoke this extension. It will download the video to your computer. However, if you are using mobile devices, then I am afraid to say that this method won’t work. Since TittaSave works with twittasave.net, so you can download Twitter videos on mobile devices with the help of that. You just have to submit the URL of video Tweet to the website and download it.

How to Download Twitter Videos, GIF in One Click with TwittaSave?

TwittaSave Chrome extension is a unique tool that you can use to download Twitter videos. There is no other function that it can play so there’s not much to explain about it. So, let’s see the working of this extension without wasting so much time.

Add TwittaSave to Chrome and ensure its successful installation. After successful installation of the extension, you can see its icon on Chrome toolbar.

Now log into Twitter and find a video that you want to download. Next, open the video tweet so that its URL appears in the browser’s address bar. For this, you can click on the time of the tweet. This will open the video tweet in a popup and its URL will appear in the URL box. Now, invoke the extension and a Download button will appear. Click on it to start downloading the video to your computer.

The same process goes with GIFs. You can use this extension in this way every time you want to download videos from Twitter. It works like a charm and makes life easy.

Wrap Up:

TwittaSave lets you download Twitter videos, GIF in one click. There nothing you have to learn additionally to understand this extension. Before this, I discussed a Facebook Video downloader that you can also use if you like Facebook videos too.


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