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Download Torrents from Linux, MAC, and Windows Command line

See how to download torrents from Linux, MAC, and Windows command line. Use the tool mentioned here and easily download torrents on your computer with a single command



There are many ways to download torrents. Some of them are anonymous while some of them are not. If you want to try something different to download Torrents then you are at right place. Today I will tell you how to download torrents using Windows, Linux, and Mac command line. There is a command line tool, torrent. This command line tool can download a file from torrents using the magnet link or the “.torrent” file. This tool quietly works same as the other Torrent clients. The only difference is that it works in command line mode.

Torrent is a simple and minimal Torrent client that runs from the terminal. You just have to execute a single command to download Torrent on your computer. If you want to unleash the power of the terminal in downloading Torrents then follow the guide below. However, the tool Torrent is built using Node JS. And thus, you are required to download and install Node JS on your computer before start using this guide.

Downloading Torrents from Linux, MAC, Windows Command line in an easy way:

If you like to play with the command line, then you will enjoy downloading Torrents from it. There is only one-time effort is required to install this tool and then you can use it as long as your computer is alive.

So, first of all, install the torrent tool globally on your computer. For that, make sure that you have installed Node JS and then open the terminal or the command prompt of Windows. Run this command to install Torrent globally.

npm install torrent -g

torrent install node js command line

The torrent has been installed, you can then start using it. To download torrents from the command line, you need the magnet link or the “.torrent” file of the target. And if you have that then run any of the following commands.

If you have the magnet link, then run:

torrent "magnet link"

If you have the .torrent file, then run:

torrent "path to the torrent file"

torrent command line downloading in progress

Now, you must be an idea what it looks like to download torrents from the command line. For the sake of this guide, I have used Windows 10. But, this method should work on other platforms as well and same commands apply there.

Wrap up:

Torrent is a simple and nice tool which you can use to download torrents from Linux, Windows, and MAC terminal. One single command and the torrent will be delivered to your computer in a few seconds. However, this tool may download the content slowly but that truly depends on the number of seeds available of that Torrent you are downloading. Otherwise, it threw me same speed as I was getting in qBitTorrent software.

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