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How to Disable Like Button on Facebook for as Long as you Want

See how to disable like button on Facebook. Use Chrome plugin along with the guide which is explained here & Say no more to accidental likes



Tired of liking too many posts on Facebook? Then it’s probably a good idea to stop doing that. But the question is that how you are going to stop liking something on Facebook. You will just freeze your hands whenever they reach the Facebook like button? Well don’t worry there’s is another way of doing that. You can just simply take out Like button from the equation. Yes, you read that right!! You can completely remove or disable Like button from Facebook for good. On Chrome, there comes a plugin, Facebook Awkward Like to disable like button on FB for as long as you want. The extension works perfectly and it is simplest one. However, you will have to manually install it as it is not available on Chrome Store.

Facebook Awkward Like completely removes the Like button from the Facebook’s interface. While you are using this extension, you won’t be able to like anything on Facebook. If that’s the thing you want, then you will have it. And when you no longer find any use this extension, then you can simply bring back the like button by simply removing extensions.

How to Disable Like Button on Facebook?

If you don’t want to show up your liking activities to your friends for some time, then this extension is a good choice. Your liking activities will not appear, as you won’t be able to like anything. Also, if you are upset by something, then you can use this tool to hide yourself for good. Although it sounds weird to disable Like button on Facebook, we’ve got a lot of weird Facebook related stuff. You can try rejecting multiple friend requests on FB, export a Facebook comment thread, use FB in dark theme, etc.

Open extension page by typing “chrome://extensions/” in the address bar. Aft6er that, check the “Developer Mode” box option. After that, download the ZIP file of the Facebook Awkward Like from GitHub and extract it somewhere. Now, from the extensions page, click Load unpacked extension and locate the folder where you have extracted the ZIP file. Provide the folder in such a way in which the “manifest.json” file is visible. The extension is installed now.

facebook awkward like install

There is nothing special you have to try now. Click on extension’s icon and disable likes. Open Facebook usually as you do. And while browsing Facebook, you will see that the like button is missing from all the posts. With no like button, there are no accidental likes and also your aim will get fulfilled.

disable like button on facebook for good

Above you can see how to completely disable Like button on Facebook. You can use this extension anytime whenever you feel the needs to disable lie button on Facebook.

Bottom Lines:

Facebook Awkward Like can disable like button on Facebook for you. You get rid of accidental likes on Facebook and whatever your aim is to use this extension will get fulfilled.

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