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How to Disable Cortana in Windows 10 and Re Enable it in One Click

See how to disable Cortana in Windows 10 and re enable it in one click. The tool here can switch Cortana Off and On easily in a click



In Windows 10, if you are getting bored with Cortana, then perhaps it is time to disable it for a while. Though there are numerous methods available for it and some of them are mentioned here at Superuser, but I prefer simplicity over complexity. So, wouldn’t it be nice that there would be a way to enable or disable Cortana on the go? Don’t panic now as yes there it is. There is a free tool Cortana Switcher you can use to immediately disable Cortana. Also, you can re-enable it again with a single click.

Cortana is a powerful digital assistant for you and very useful too. But often Cortana doesn’t look good on the desktop and if that’s happening with you, then why don’t you disable it. Cortana Switcher doesn’t have a descriptive interface and you can easily disable and enable Cortana in Windows 10 through that. This tiny little too is as simple as it gets. There is nothing complex you have to do. Just run the software and do what you intend for.

How to Disable Cortana in Windows 10 and Re Enable it in One Click?

Cortana Switcher plays an important role when it comes to disabling Cortana in Windows 10 for good. You don’t have to deal with the hard part that is Registry or Group Policy in order to make this tool work.

After downloading Cortana Switcher, run it and you will see a small dialog box will appear. The dialog box only has two buttons; one for enabling Cortana and other for disabling it. Since our job is to disable it, so click the “Disable” button and it will immediately disable Cortana for you. However, to get this applied to your system, you will have to restart your PC or Laptop. After when the PC restarts, you will see that Cortana is not available on the taskbar. It’s gone for good.

Cortana Switcher to disbale Cortana and enable it

Above, you can see the difference between the taskbar when Cortana is enabled and when it isn’t. This miracle can only happen when you have Cortana Switcher software in your hand.

Download Cortana Switcher

The Bottom Line

I’m really sick of Cortana these days. And I was looking for a simple way to that. Finally, I ended my quest on Cortana Switcher that lets you disable Cortana for good in seconds.  So, get up and try to disable Cortana with the help of Cortana Switcher software. Also, in the meantime, read about how to rename Cortana.

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