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How To Create A Fake Tweet For Free

Ever wondered how some pages on Facebook manage to create memes using the fake tweets? then learn how to create a fake tweet for free using Prank Me Not.



If you regularly browse social media, then I am sure that you must have come across some meme or fake news which includes some tweets. Actually, those tweets are or not genuine, they are created by some third party apps or services. And today, I will tell you about how to create a fake tweet for free. There is a free service, calls itself as Prank Me No, and is very popular in creating a fake Facebook chat, fake Facebook post, etc. Just like that, you can create a fake tweet for free.

How To Create A Fake Tweet For Free

You can create a fake Twitter tweet and involve you friend, or someone one else in it o play a prank. Or, you can create a meme by adding some famous personality, film star, or anyone that you like. It’s really a very interesting thing that you can do via making a fake tweet.You can surprise your friends or family by creating a fake tweet about them. Go through the following text to learn more about this.

Create a Fake Tweet for free:

Prank Me Not is really a unique website which allows you to create a fake tweet. You can include a profile picture in that, tweet text, mention someone, etc. And once you have done, you can download the final generated tweet as an image. However, the website doesn’t let you specify the number of retweets, like, etc, in the fake tweet.

To start creating the fake tweet, first, you have to open the homepage of Prank Me Not. After that, click on the Tweet generator and then it will redirect you to a new page where you can design and customize the fake tweet.

prank me not interface

All the useful options are available on the left side of the web interface of Prank Me Not. You can customize the profile picture, tweet text, mentions, handle of the user, etc very easily. And whatever changes you make in the tweet, you can see its corresponding live preview on the right side of the web interface.

fake tweet created

Afer when you have designed the fake tweet, you can download it as an image. And after getting it, you can do anything you like with that.


If you ever wonder how some popular pages on Facebook create memes using the fake tweet, then now you will know how to do that. I have explained about a very easy to use website that can create a fake tweet for you. I am having fun with it and I am enjoying this website by creating memes on my friends, cousins, etc. So, wanna do a little pranky stuff, do give it a try.

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