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16 Free CPU Usage Monitor Software for Windows 10

Here is the rundown of 10 free CPU usage monitor software for Windows 10. These free software can monitor your CPU usage very productively.



Here is the rundown of 10 free CPU usage monitor software for Windows 10. These free software can monitor your CPU usage very productively. They all are lightweight software and monitor’s CPU use in percentage; so anytime, you can easily know what percent of the CPU is being utilized by your PC or system.

A portion of these CPU usage monitor software are potable, some additionally give a graphical view to monitor consistent utilization of CPU by different running processes in the PC. Some of these products can likewise monitor your RAM usage.

cpu usage monitor software

How about we get started with these free CPU usage monitor software.

System Explorer:

I find System Explorer a good software to monitor CPU Usage as it has integrated all the Microsoft System Utilities. System Utilities available at Main Menu are: Task Manager, Computer Management, Group Policy Management, Performance Monitor, Services Management, and Component Services along with the options ‘Memory Usage Cleanup,’ and ‘Start System Idle Tasks‘.

Here, by default, tabs for Processes, Performance, History, Modules, Drivers, Services, AutoRuns, Connections, Users, Tasks, Uninstallers, etc. are made available to you.

System Explorer, along with the CPU usage stats and graphs, also shows you the security details of all the processes and modules. Going for Security Details will redirect you to this software’s official website, where all the general and security details of a process are made available.

In addition, on right-clicking any of the processes, drivers, modules, services, etc. you will find 5 extra tools, which are: File Details, File Directory Explore, File Info Search, File Check, and Google Search.

Thus, with System Explorer, nearly each and every aspect of the CPU monitoring software are present except (no) Logging Tool and Set Time Interval feature.


SystemMonitorII is perhaps the widely used desktop gadget for CPU Usage Monitor. It provides you lots of functionalities like Temperature, Retrieving WEI from WMI, Enable Logging, Save Records, Graphs Types, Separate and Standalone gadget window, Warnings, Notifications, Color Themes, and many much. Unlike other CPU monitoring software, this gadget has all the functionalities that you look in CPU Usage Monitor software.

Do note that Gadget Feature on Sidebar is not available in Windows 10. So, first download 8GadgetPacks before you begin to download this CPU Usage Monitor… oops! Gadget.

Piriform SPECCY:

Piriform Speccy is a CPU Monitoring Software, which integrates Temperature and more importantly Bus Speed and Rate Bus Speed of CPU along with the general ones. Here, the main categories are Motherboard, RAM, OS, Graphics, Peripherals, Optical drives, Network, and Audio.

Here, you can’t log the reports, stats, or graphs. But, you can take the snapshots or save as XML and Text files. So, if you are looking to log CPU Usage Monitor stats and that too with a feature to set sample time, then below ones are for you.


PCNetMonitor is basically a free Performance Logger and CPU Monitoring software. It shows you the averages performance of CPU, Memory, MemoryFPS, Disks, Threads, Net Connection, NetPPS, and NetMbps. Averages are continuously updated as per the sample time or sample rate set by you. The averages are shown for last 1 min, 2 mins, 5 mins, 10 mins, and 60 mins along with the instantaneous average of performance.

As said, you can log the statistics of performance in NotePad and plot it in MS Excel. Do note that you can also set the precise time duration and sample rate as high as 10 Hz to accurately monitor CPU usage or performance and logging it.

In addition, GIF image files of Excel plot are saved automatically. However, it doesn’t allow us to monitor CPU Usage with respect to selected programs, processes, modules, etc. as per our wish and give warnings or notifications- like below one do.


LazWatchDog is a free software to monitor CPU usage but only for the given processes, programs, and Memory. Here, by setting or defining the parameters or its values, you can monitor selected processes, modules, services, or programs. In addition, you can even set the time interval to accurately monitor CPU usage and performance of selected processes, programs, etc.

Moreover, this tool enables you to limit the usage of CPU and Memory. As soon as the usage exceeds, it will end the processes or programs. Here, you have the option to exclude the important processes or programs from above termination, and set this tool as default CPU Usage Monitor software via ‘Autostart with Windows’ option.

AMD System Monitor:

AMD System Monitor shows you the live graph as well as statistics of CPU Usage and Memory Usage in a single window. It is a very simple CPU Usage Monitor software.

The only good thing you will find here is the Record button. On clicking it, this free software will start to log CPU usage in CSV File format. You will find recordings (CSV log files) at installation files’ destination.

So, if you want basic features in CPU Usage Monitor along with the advance one – Log tool – then this one will best suit you.

If only you are happy with Windows Taskbar or often need to visit it along with the need to have CPU Usage Monitor software, then below Toolkit can be helpful to you.


RainMeter is a ToolKit that adds a customizable Skins to your desktop or laptop. Skin is basically a transparent layer of Window that can be easily dragged anywhere on the desktop window. Just by clicking on a Skin, the original Window (of process or program) will open. So, with Skins, you can easily access MS System Utilities, Programs, Google, etc. Note that this is not a special CPU Usage Monitor software.

By default, you get a Skin for System, Drives, Google Search, Network, Recycle Bin, and Clock. So to say, by default you have Skin for Taskbar to easily access it and monitor CPU usage right through the desktop screen.

There are two kinds of Skins. First one is Measure, which delivers you information from your own computer and other resources like Google. And, the second one is Meter. Meter displays information visually.

The best part with Rainmeter is that you can even create a Skin by yourself.

Now, to make you clear, below software to CPU usage monitoring software are the basic one, which has no advanced features and logging, too. However, the extra features, tools, or functionalities provided by them are of great use as they bring in Flexibility to you.

My CPU Monitor:

My CPU Monitor is found at System Tray bar. As said earlier, the features here to monitor CPU Usage are very basic ones. However, the Warning feature is unavoidable.

In this tool, you can set the desired limit for CPU Usage. Now, as soon as the CPU cross this usage limit, a warning will pop-up to you. You can set the way that how you want to receive notifications. The options for such available are Blinking and Notifications. When you select former one, blinking will start at system tray bar. And, when later one, then the desktop notification will arrive.


WinBar will add itself as a bar at top of your desktop screen. This CPU Usage Monitor software is also a basic one. However, it lets you add Plugins.

Via Settings, you can add plugins for CPU Usage (with separate CPU scores), Disk Usage, Battery Monitor, Google Search, Recycle Bin, Memory Status, UpTime Memory, Volume Control, WinAmp, etc.

This is a very simple software has no advanced tools and features for monitoring and controlling CPU usage in detail- except providing basic settings for each Plugin.


SysMate, upon installation, creates a small CPU Usage Monitor on your desktop screen. It shows you CPU usage rate along with that of Inc, Out, and RAM. This CPU Usage Monitor software lacks even the most basic features and settings.

The only thing which you can do through this CPU monitoring software is that you can kill the processes. It allows you to do so via the right-click context menu.

SSuite System Monitor:

SSuite System Monitor, a CPU monitoring software, let you to Monitor CPU Usage in a very simple way. You can view the general CPU stats via a small graph or window. The only good thing here is that with a single click, you get to know the total number of “Network Clients that are currently online“.

What’s My Computer Doing?

This free CPU Usage Monitor software utility lies in to see the programs, processes, etc. that are running at the very instant. On the What’s My Computer Doing? interface, running process of the very instants are shown continuously like changes in Share Trading (prices).

When you double-click on any process, you will get all the details of a process like a file path, known problems, Security, Version details, etc. At the end of these details, you will also find external resources and its links so that, if wished, you can have more details on that particular process.

It also lets you view properties of a process via a separate button found on this software’s interface.

The best part of this CPU monitoring software is that as soon as you have a find a process, which is annoying your computer, it can be deleted instantly and can be taken for virus scan too.

Big Meter Pro:

As the name goes, Big Meter Pro will add a 3D CPU Meter which shows you the live CPU usage. By right-clicking on CPU meter, a context-menu will pop-up. From, here you can get the meters for Memory, Disk, and Processes, too. In addition, you will also see Information. Here, you will have three options: CPU, Memory, and Disk to have their basic info.

Do note that Meter of Process will be accompanied by a small window, which has the list of all the currently running processes. On right-clicking any process, you will get these options: ID sort, EXE sort, and CPU sort. So, it’s not a CPU Usage Monitor or a gadget but, a 3D CPU Meter. You can also go for 2D CPU Meter via right-click context-menu.

Now, let us see some CPU Usage Monitor software that primarily focuses on Hardware part of the CPU. They focus more on Temperatures and Loads than stats and graphs as provided by CPU monitoring control software. But to say, Stats, Graphs, and Log files are offered by below ones, too.


NZXT CAM is not strictly a CPU Usage Monitor Software but is basically for monitoring and controlling PC Hardware. It delivers you the Graphs and Stats of Temperature and Load on CPU, GPU, HDD, Motherboard, RAM, and NET. It also has an option for you to have the FPS overlay on a screen during you playing a game. Note that the Temperature and Load graphs are continuous or dynamic.

Further, you can also Tune your Hardware with the help of NZXT CAM.

Here, you can also set the limit to Temperature, Load, and Fan Speed. So that, as soon as the limit is crossed, you will (to) receive a notification.

The dashboard interface is quite impressive with lots of options. In addition, it has an in-built snap-shot feature. Currently, it is available for Windows, iOS, and Android.

Open Hardware Monitor:

Open Hardware Monitor like above one is not basically a CPU Usage Monitor software but has mainly a Hardware Monitor features. Unlike above one, it shows you the minimum and maximum Temperature along with the current instantaneous one.

It shows the Temperature and Load on Mainboard, CPU, RAM, GPU, Fan Controllers, and HDD.

In addition, it provides you the following options: submit report, set time intervals (1s to 6h), log sensors, Remote Web Servers (Run and Port), etc.

Core Temp:

Core Temp is a hardware Temperature Monitoring and Control software. With this monitoring software, you can view and more importantly log processor temperatures. Also, it allows you to enable Over-Heat Protection by a balloon pop-up notification.

In addition, it allows you to set ‘Temperature Polling Interval,’ ‘Temperature Logging Interval,’ ‘On the Fly FSB Detection,’ ‘G15 Applet,’ ‘Driver Updates,’ ‘BIOS Updates,’ etc.

I find it the best in this Category of Hardware Monitoring software that also has some basic features of CPU Usage Monitor Software.


These are the best and valuable CPU usage monitor software for Windows 10 PC. You can utilize any of them to monitor your CPU use. I would actually suggest you System Explorer, SystemMonitorII and AMD System Monitor, on the grounds that they also display graph while checking CPU use.

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