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How to Convert Google Slides into a GIF presentation and Tweet

See how to convert Google Slides into a GIF presentation and tweet. Turn your Google presentation into a GIF and then post on Twitter



People who often create presentations for their work, use a lot of tools like PowerPoint. But if they need an online tool then Google Slides come into the picture. But what if you want to show your presentation on Twitter. Since data does not allow to post presentations so you have to circumvent this issue. And here I will tell you how to convert Google Slides into GIF presentation and tweet. Tall Tweets is a web application that connects to your Google account and lets you post your Google Slides as a GIF on Twitter.

Tall Tweets website connect to your Google Drive and locate the presentations to convert them to GIF. And after converting the presentation to GIF, you can either download it or post it on Twitter directly. While creating a GIF, you can specify some options. You can choose which slides will appear in the GIF, the order of slides, and the delay between each slide in the GIF. It hardly takes a few seconds to process the presentation and get the corresponding GIF.

How to Convert Google Slides into a GIF presentation and Tweet?

Tall Tweets website requires only a working Google account. After authorizing your Google account, you can easily create a GIF and post it.

Let’s just start now. Open the website of Tall Tweets and then sign in using a Google account. After successfully signing in it will show you a button with Select Presentation.

tall tweets

You can select any presentation from the Google Drive and then it will start processing in that. After it has fetched the presentation it will ask you to enter various parameters to create the GIF. It will ask you to specify GIF size, the delay between each GIF, and the order of slides. After that, you can hit Create GIF button.

gif parameters

Now, when will give you the GIF. You can either download it and post on Twitter manually. Or you can also do the same using this website as well.  Simply authorize your Twitter account in it. Click on Tweet button and it will show you a link to authorize your Twitter account. So simply go through the process and it says. And after authorizing your Twitter account you are all ready to post the two it automatically.

gif slide tweet posted

That is all fuss about creating just presentation from Google Slides and directly post that to Twitter. It is a very simple and best method to post your presentations on Twitter in animated GIF format.

The Bottom Line:

Tall Tweets is a miraculous tool to convert Google Slides into a GIF. You have to just sit back and relax after giving input parameters. What really amazing is its ability to automatically create animated gif from the Google Slides. And it can automatically post that to Twitter as well. For more Twitter-related tools, see how to download Twitter videos, Twitter auto favorite bot.

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