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Cloud Storage Services – All You Need to Know About Them

In this post, we will talk about Cloud Storage Services, their security threats, advantages, and much more.



For the longest time, people have been using hardware storage devices as the primary means by which they store files, videos, music, documents, etc. According to statistics, the need for larger storage increases each passing day because humans produce as high as 2.5 quintillion bytes every day.

Although hardware storage companies have put in the effort to create devices that can accommodate larger data sizes, hardware storage devices come with some limitations that make them a less preferred option of storage means compared to cloud storage services.

Cloud storage refers to a medium of storage wherein the user documents and files are not stored on the device but a “cloud” hosted by a particular company.

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Every day, even more people are making the switch from hardware storage devices to cloud storage devices. However, even though the latter is preferable to the former, there are still some risks that cloud storage users are exposed to, which are:

Security Threats Facing Cloud service users

Malware – this is a common problem faced by internet users today. Statistics show that malware attacks have grown by 150% by 2020. Malware can access the user’s data on the cloud through either a slip from the individual or the company hosting the cloud’s servers.

Company Shutdown – most cloud storage companies are startups, as the idea itself is relatively new. As a result, some of them fail in their first few years of operation due to many reasons ranging from cyberattacks to lack of faith in investors who eventually pull their money out.

Hacking – most people have been hacked, and they don’t even know it. Users who use easy passwords and those who repeat passwords for different login sites are highly susceptible to the influence of hackers, resulting in loss of information.

How users can secure their device

Multi-Factor Authentication – is a simple procedure that requires the user to bypass two or more security locks before gaining access to sensitive information. MFA with varied passwords for each login level ensures that a password breach does not expose sensitive information.

VPNs – Virtual Private Networks are a great way to secure a user’s connection to the internet, preventing outsiders from interfering in your business.

Connecting to the internet with a VPN before logging into your cloud account can help protect your information contained.

Employee Training – to ensure that company devices remain uncorrupted, senior staff must train the lower-level staff on essential tips such as how to spot and avoid scams, the ways of discerning a spam link from a verified one, etc.


Given the known limitations of hardware storage devices, cloud storage services are poised to eclipse them as the primary storage mode in the coming years. It is also crucial for users to do adequate research about the establishment before trusting them with their information to avoid scams.

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