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10 Best Cloud Storage Providers of 2017, Free and Freemium

Here is the list of best and leading Cloud storage providers of 2017. All theservices listed here offer 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, and 100 GB storage



Here’s the era of an online world where everything has gone online or about to. No matter whether it is mailing or any other data/files keeping needs, we always prefer keeping our things online. The biggest reason for keeping the data online is that it will always available where ever you’ll go. And next is there are very fewer chances that it might be lost. Nowadays there’s a very popular term Cloud Storage when it comes to keeping data online. Keeping that in mind, I will explain about some best cloud storage providers of 2017. Although, there are countless cloud storage providers. Some of them are free and for some of them, you’ll have to spend some money. But, here I will list some of the best cloud storage services and what they offer when you’ll use them free of cost.

Earlier I talked about a cloud based torrent downloader. That also provides 2 GB free cloud storage. And in the post below I will talk about pure cloud services that you will like to have an account on them.

SENDIT:- Free Unlimited Cloud Storage

sendit free unlimited cloud storage

Yes, you read that right! SENDIT is free and unlimited cloud storage provider with another set of nice features. It supports FTP upload, file manager, media player, etc., and more. You can upload and save different types of files including photos, videos, documents, audio, and others. The main features of this cloud storage service are integrated “File Manager”. You can use it to access files, download files, create download links, organize files in folders, move files, change file’s privacy, etc. It comes with a built-in media player that you can use to play the audio and video files that you have uploaded to it.

In a long shot, I will only conclude that if you are having any need to share big files with your friends or any other people, then call SENDIT. This service will never let you down. More about this service, you will know when you will use it.

MEGA:- 50 GB of Free Cloud Storage

MEGA 50 GB free cloud storage provider

MEGA I think is one of the best cloud storage service out there that can beat almost all other services in many ways. One of the best thing that MEGA offers is that there is more focus is on security. It is said that every bit of data stored on MEGA is encrypted. In addition to that MEGA also provides some other features as well. You can enjoy free audio video calling with the other users on Mega that may be your friends. So, not only just 50 GB free cloud storage, you also get other advantages when you use this epic Cloud service. However, if you just look at the interface of this cloud storage service provider, I am sure you will fall in love with it. There is a trash

There is a trash folder in MEGA where it moves the files when you delete it. It doesn’t immediately delete the file, so you can recover from the trash folder. Other features of MEGA includes file sharing via URL, password protected file sharing, managing files on the drive and some others that you’ll know when you will use it.

A word of caution: MEGA doesn’t really store your password on its servers. However, it lets you create a backup file to recover your account in case you forgot your password. But still, it is advisable to secure the Mega’s password with care. Because once you lost your password then MEGA itself will not be able to recover your account again.

hubiC:- 25 GB Free Cloud Storage

hubiC 25 GB free cloud storage provider

hubiC is yet another simple cloud storage provider in this list and provides massive 25 Gb of free storage to whoever joins it. The interface and features that it offers are very simple. Using this cloud service, you can upload files and share them via URL. You will not find any other special features there to deal with the files you have uploaded. However, there is a feature of hubiC that’s worth mentioning. It lets you create a data backup of the device on which you are using this cloud service. No matter if you are using this on PC using its client or on your smartphone. Its client will let you create a backup on the cloud that you can use later.

All in all, hubiC is a handy and free cloud storage service you can use without any problems. And free 25 GB storage is not that bad to upload your photos and other important stuff. You can organize your data in folders and have access to them whenever you want.

Google Drive:- 15 GB of Free Cloud Storage

google 15 GB drive free cloud storage provider

When it comes to talking about cloud storage services, then one cannot simply ignore Google Drive. This is the one Cloud Service that everyone must have known. Also, so many of you must have been using the service for quite a while. We know that there are some very interesting features in Google Drive that’s why you use it more often than any other Cloud Service out there. The 15 GB free cloud storage is well enough to store a fair amount of photos and other media files like MP3s. Google Drive has its official client available for Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android. So, you can have access to your content anytime you want.

Google Drive has a built-in support for managing your office documents like a Spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, Word docs, etc., also you can enjoy other features of Google Drive as well like automatic document saving, sharing content via URL and two-step deletion of files. when you delete a file on Google Drive comma it does not get deleted immediately. First, it moves the file to the trash folder then if you really found it delete it then you can delete it from there.

Yandex.Disk:- 10 GB Free Cloud Storage

Yandex disk 10 GB free cloud storage provider

If you often work with office file, then Yandex Disk is another very good online service after Google Drive that lets you create them. Yes, you read right! Yandex Disk allows you to create Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, and Word documents just like in Google Drive. Also, you can upload your files there and view them without downloading them to your PC. Also, one of the best thing that I like about Yandex is that it is available for every platform. Its official client is available for Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, and iOS. In addition to that, you can enjoy 10 GB free cloud storage on its web app as well.

Yandex is a Russia based and you’ll be amazed to know that it not only provided Cloud service but other services as well. Apart from the cloud, you can also use Yandex as Search Engine and Email service. On its cloud, you can manage your files and share them via URL or QR code. However, the other nice feature that I like of Yandex is its image editor. You can edit our images that you have uploaded to the cloud. In the image editor, you can manipulate your photos by applying various filters, effects, draw, adding frames, adding text, basic crop-resize feature, and more.

pCloud:- 10 GB free Cloud Storage

pCloud 10 GB free cloud storage provider

pCloud gives you 10 GB free storage on its cloud that can later be extended if you upgrade to its paid plan. It has a lot to offer but most of the features of pCloud are same as I have explained for other services. However, what I really like about pCloud is its ability to remote upload files. It means that you can directly upload a file on this cloud by using the URL of the file. And that’s useful as you will not have to download file on your PC or phone in order to upload it. It comes with its client for the desktop that you can use to enjoy this cloud service in its full glory.

You can manage your files on it and another thing which is worth mentioning in case of pCloud is that you can use it as an audio streaming service. You can upload your favorite collections of songs on it and listen to them whenever you want.

Box:- 10 GB Free Cloud Storage

box 10 GB free cloud storage provider

Box is another good Cloud storage provider service out there. Although free 10 GB cloud storage is not bad, Box comes with its own set of advantages. The interface of Box is quite interesting and intuitive, but actually, Box is much more than a pretty face. There are a lot of features of the box that you will like. And one of the best features of Box that I really like is that you can use it as an FTP server as well.

Box has its own official client for desktop, Android, and iPhone as well. So, you can have access to all your files that you have wherever you go. In addition to all that, Box also lets you view files of various types. You can preview office documents like PDF, DOCs, PowerPoint presentations, Spreadsheet. CSVs, etc.

Once you get on the interface of Box, you can manage your files pretty easily. You can create folders and move or copy files between them with simple operations. There is trash folder on the cloud, so your files will not get deleted immediately. All in all, it’s quite a handy cloud storage service that won’t let you down.

Microsoft OneDrive:- 5 GB Free Cloud Storage

Microsoft OneDrive 5 GB free cloud storage provider

Microsoft’s OneDrive is also a very nice cloud service for general users. You get 5 GB free cloud storage and it has all the cloud features that you can think of. It’s a perfect cloud storage for users having Microsoft Account. However, what is depressing about this service is that you will only get the 5 GB of the storage space to save your data. And if you are okay with this fact, then believe me it’s a boon for you.

The main features of the OneDrive are Managing and accessing files easily, share files via URL, play media files in the cloud, manage documents of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and even create new ones and do whatever you want with them. The interface of the cloud storage is also very much attractive and you will love this cloud storage service. Its official clients are available for Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android.

Zoolz:- 5 GB free Cloud Storage

zoolz 5 GB free cloud storage

Zoolz provides 5 GB free storage and actually it is not exactly a Cloud. And I am not breaking rules to mention this in my list. More precisely, Zoolz is a backup service that you can install on your Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS device. You can choose certain folders from your device to upload files on the cloud with the help of the official client. The client will make the complete backup of the selected folders and you can even schedule the backup process according to you.

The cloud storage that it provides is primarily for backup purpose. And you can easily backup your songs, photos and documents in one click. So, if you are looking for a cloud service for the backup purpose, then Zoolz is for you.

mounium:- 2 GB free Cloud Storage

muonium 2 GB free cloud storage provider

Just like MEGA, mounium is another cloud storage service that focusses on security rather than look and feel. However, it only provides 2 GB free cloud storage out which you get 1.87 GB as usable space. The file operations that you can perform on the cloud are fairly simple. And it doesn’t provide file sharing option with it. You can simply upload files on the cloud and download them when you need them. The login process is very strong one and it is very different one from all other services of its kind. It requires two different passwords to log into your account. The first password is the main account password and another one is secret password and you will need both to access your files.

All in all, mounium is a good place to bury your secret files. And it’s the very less heard of cloud storage and not everyone is aware of it. You can feel safe while using this particular cloud service. Other features of muonium in a glimpse are the Secure connection, end to end encryption, open source, data protection, anonymity, and Free.

Bottom Lines:

These are some of the best Cloud storage providers of 2017 so far. I hope you like this list and it is predictable that you may be already using some of these. But, if you didn’t know about these services, then it’s time to get up and sign up for Cloud service that suits your need. I really don’t know which cloud service I should recommend, but honestly, if your aim is a protected and secure cloud storage, then MEGA is a very good option. Next, Google Drive and mounium are the good ones in the list. If you want, you can try them all and let me know which one is best and why. Also, do notify me if you think I missed some deserving Cloud storage service in the above list.

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