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Free Clipboard Manager Windows 10 Software

PinClipBoard is a free clipboard manager Windows 10 software that stores copied data to the clipboard allowing the user to see all the information they have copied.



PinClipBoard is a free clipboard manager Windows 10 software that stores copied data to the clipboard allowing the user to see all the information they have copied. When you copy data for pasting, there is nowhere you can see so the next time you copy and override the previous data copied. Clipboard manager offers a solution to this problem by providing a buffering mechanism to access older information that was copied for pasting.

The application surpasses the basic operations of copy, cut and paste and offers more benefits. It gives multiple buffers for the copied data so that you can split, merge and edit the content. A clipboard manager also has the functionality of selecting from which buffer some information can be taken for pasting.

There are various clipboard manager applications available for use. One of these is the PinClipboard which is an advanced clipboard manager offering pin and synchronize features. This application is specially designed to enable users to access windows clipboard and track the information stored on the clipboard.

How to Use this Free Clipboard Manager Windows 10 Software?

The PinClipboard application logs windows clipboard history. It enables you to restore this data in the local database whenever data is copied to the clipboard. The copied information will be immediately displayed by selecting the history tab in PinClipBoard. The latest version of PinClipboard stores various types of information like plain text, images, and HTML content. The copied information is not lost even when the computer is shut down since all the data is restored in the local database. Frequently used data can be pinned to the application’s pinboard for quick access.

Pinning information is a simple process. Choose the history tab then right-click the item you’d like to pin. Click the pin button. This process moves the item, from the history tab to the pin board. The pinned item is copied by double-clicking it. Many people access their favorite folder(s) quickly by pinning them to the taskbar or by creating desktop shortcuts.

Pinclipboard offers a better and faster method to achieve the same. You can pin the folders you desire by selecting the pin folder tab then dragging the folder you need to the panel. Whenever you need to access the folder you only need to double-click on it from the PinClipboard application. As is the case with pinning folders, you can also pin images within the clipboard. Navigate to the pin-image tab and then drag and drop the desired image on to the panel. The supported image file types include png, jpg, tiff, bmp, and gif. Even when the original files have been removed, you can still copy and paste the images since they are stored in the local database.

One of best functionalities of PinClipboard is the synchronize service feature that enables you to share clipboard between devices. This is a powerful tool that lets you copy information from one computer and paste into another. You can get the same clipboard across all devices provided they are in the same WLAN. The process of achieving the copy and paste across different devices is simple. Just follow the below steps.

  • Go to settings
  • Click the switch button and enable sync service.
  • The application will show you an IP address and a QR code.
  • Use a QR code scanner app to scan the code or enter the IP address to the browser applications. There are several browsers supporting this feature including IE 9+, Edge 12+, Chrome 42+, Opera 29+, Firefox 41+ and Safari 10+.

Security is maintained when accessing this information from different computers. Pinclipboard randomly generates a port number in the WLAN IP address. People cannot, therefore, access your clipboard’s data in real time.


Without a doubt, PinClipBoard is the best clipboard manager software available today. It has amazing features that can be accessed easily and within a short time. The application’s interface is appealing to the eye and simple to use. No deep computer expertise is needed for you to execute the various operations provided by the application.

Having a convenient way to access the clipboard in your windows system and managing data history is a great way to improve productivity in your workplace. Pinclipboard is a stable and professional clipboard manager that offers many possibilities of managing the history of your data than any other application. This is a software I’d recommend for anyone who’d like to have a whole new experience in managing copied data in clipboard be it text, images or folders.

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