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How to Add Chrome Like Download Bar at Bottom in Firefox Browser

See how to add Chrome like download bar at the bottom in Firefox browser. Here you will find an amazing Firefox addon which can do that



If you have been a Chrome user for a long time, then I’m sure that you like a lot of its features. And one of the best thing in Chrome is this download bar at the bottom. But if you want to use this am in Firefox then you won’t find any option there. And that’s why today I will tell you how to add Chrome like download bar at the bottom in Firefox browser. You can use a Firefox plugin to add a download bar at the bottom. The plugin which can do that is known as WX Download Status Bar.

WX Download Status Bar is a simple addon for firefox which you can use at the download bar of Chrome in it. The download bar has all the features and functions that you use in Chrome. You can see the progress of downloads in the same manner and also cancel it or pause it anytime. And it does support multiple downloads and show the progress at the same time.

Chrome-Like Download Bar at Bottom in Firefox Browser:

Now without wasting so much time, let’s see how to install WX Download Status Bar and have Chrome like download bar in Firefox. The process is very simple and I hope everyone would understand how to implement it.

The very first step would be installing WX Download Status Bar from Firefox add-ons Web Store. After installing it, you can download any file and you will see that it downloads in Chrome like download bar. You can see the progress of the downloads and there are multiple files you’re downloading then there will be multiple progress bars.

chrome like download bar in action

chrome like download bar

Above you can see that the new download bar looks like the Chrome’s. And it will always appear when you download anything from the internet on your computer.

The Bottom Line:

Customisation lovers always need something different. And I’m sure that a lot of you will like to have Chrome’s download bar in Firefox. Since it’s an evolving browser, leaving behind Chrome by its Quantum version. So, if you like Chrome’s download bar then get up and install the same in Firefox.

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