How to Check if Someone Has Your Number on Their Phone

Have you ever wonder if someone has your number on their phone? Well, practically it sounds impossible as you won’t be able to see what the other people have or don’t have on their phone. Unless you grab their phone without their consent and check it yourself. But, you will be glad to know that there is a trick available to check if someone has your number on their phone. So, here we will see how to do this trick and find out the truth about if anyone has your phone number saved on his or her phone.

The trick includes WhatsApp. The “Broadcast Message” option of WhatsApp will help you do the trick. A broadcast message can’t be sent to someone who doesn’t have your number on their phonebook. One thing to keep in mind is that it will only work for the people who are also a WhatsApp user.

WhatsApp now has some interesting features of its own like live location sharing, unsend message, etc. But, if you dig deep then finding people who have your number is also possible via WhatsApp.

How to Check if Someone Has Your Number on Their Phone?

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and click the Three Dots icon at the top corner. Now, select the option New Broadcast from the menu. Having done that, you need to create a broadcast list by selecting a minimum of two contacts.

Step 2: For selecting the two contacts, you have to select the first contact for whom you need to find if the contact has your phone number. And choose the second contact for whom you’re certain that the contact has your number in his phone directory.

Step 3: When you have done that, send a broadcast message. Now, press on the message and afterward select the “info” symbol on top of the screen. The Message Info screen will open up and you will see if the message is delivered, read, or will get delivered to the chosen contacts.

In the event that you see 1 Remaining below the Delivered To or Read By area then it implies that the contact whose phone you’re checking for your number doesn’t have it in the phone directory. On the off chance that it shows 2 Remaining, at that point, it means that both the chosen contacts in the broadcast list have your number saved in their phone directory.

The above image shows 1 Remaining below Read By area that means the contact doesn’t have my number on his phone.


So, now you know how to check if someone has your number on their phone. You don’t need to secretly possess the phone of other people anymore to just see if they saved your number. WhatsApp’s broadcast message feature does that for you very easily.



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