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Change Name on Facebook: Only Show First Name, Remove Last Name

Here is a simple tweak is explained about how to change name on Facebook to only have first name, remove last name from Facebook profile.



Do you like to have only your first name on Facebook? If yes, then I am sure that you should have tried to do that. But you were not able to change the name on Facebook as it doesn’t really allow you to have only the first name. The last name is a must on your profile. However, nothing is impossible and there is still a very simple way to do that. Facebook doesn’t allow any user from any country to have only a single name except for Indonesia. Indonesia is the only country in the world where most of the people have only the first name. And that’s why Facebook allows them to use the first name on Facebook. That’s what I will be doing in this guide. Yeah, I’ll tell you about how to change name on Facebook to only show the first name by removing the last name.

If you can disguise yourself that you are from Indonesia, you can have only a single name on your Facebook profile. That’s what I will be doing and I will tell you how to do that easily. There will be some things will be required in order to achieve this. First of all, you will need Firefox browser and a good Internet connection. Rest of the process is given below.

Having only first name on Facebook is a great trip. However, if you want you can also do other things on Facebook like bulk unliking Facebook pages, delete a Facebook page, change Facebook’s theme color, add a temporary frame to profile picture, add Game of Thrones frame, etc.

How to Change Name on Facebook to Only Show First Name, Remove the Last Name?

Changing name on Facebook is not that easy as it sounds. You have to do certain proxy settings in the browser in order to achieve it. So, after you have the password browser open up, go through the following steps.

Step 1: Open Facebook and go to Settings page and click on Language. After that from the language change it to Bhasa Indonesia and save changes.

facebook language

Step 2: Now go to any of these following web sites and copy the proxy. To copy a proxy, you need to copy the IP address along with the port number. The IP address will look like this and a port number will look like 4 digits. Not see the stats of the most active proxy and copy down the corresponding details.


site 2:

indonesia proxy

Step 3: Open the network setting for Firefox browser. To do this first open the preferences page. After that go to the advanced section and click on network. You can also paste this URL: “about:preferences#advanced” to reach here on this page. Now click on settings and enter the proxy setting Centre the corresponding details that you have copied during step 2.

firefox settings for proxy

Step 4: Now go to the names action and change it. You can have whatever first name you want to have. And the last name is optional now as we are disguising ourself from Indonesia using the proxy. After changing the name save changes and it will ask you to enter the password. After that, you are done. If you see any error messages that Facebook so much then try two-three times and changes will save.

save name settings

This is how you can change the name on Facebook 2 only have the first name. You can easily remove your last name with the help of the above guide. Also, if you are a Facebook customization lover, you will like this tweak.

Bottom Line:

I always wanted to have only the first name on Facebook. I have tried so many ways to achieve this but failed. Then I read somewhere that Indonesians can have only the first name on their Facebook profile. And then this idea came to my mind. I found some proxy website and start doing research on that. Finally, I was able to change the name on Facebook. Now I have only first on my Facebook profile.

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