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How to Bulk Unfriend Facebook Friends, Delete Multiple Friends at Once

Have thousands of fake people added in your Facebook account? Then see this discussion about how to bulk unfriend Facebook friends at once.



You may run into a situation where you have thousands of unknown people as your friends on Facebook. And it may become a headache for you as you are not sure that how many of those are people are active. Also, there may be a lot of fake Facebook accounts that are completely useless. So, in that case, you may want to delete multiple people from your Facebook account. And doing that manually will take years, that’s why today I will tell you about how to bulk unfriend Facebook friends. Well, there is a browser extension that you can use which calls itself Friend Remover PRO.

The extension which I am going to tell you about is a handy extension. Using it, you can unfriend multiple people from your Facebook account in just a few minutes. And even you can remove all your friends at once easily. You just have to select your friends from the list that it shows. After that, just a few clicks and the people you have selected will be removed from your Facebook account.

How to Bulk Unfriend Facebook Friends?

Friend Remover PRO uses a very handy approach to bulk unfriend Facebook friends. You have to be signed to your Facebook account and then invoke the extension. After that, choose people you want to unfriend and viola! you are done.

So, let’s start and firstly, add Friend Remover PRO to your Chrome browser. After it has added, click on its icon. If you are already signed into your Facebook account, then it will ask you to log in. Otherwise, it will take you to its main interface where it will show you all your friends.

Friend Remover PRO select friends

Now. from its web interface, you can choose the friends by clicking no their DPs. Alternatively, you can select all friends in one go in case you want to remove all.

Friend Remover PRO select to remove friends

Finally hit the Remove Friends button and it will ask you to confirm the final unfriending process. Again click on Remove Friends to confirm the unfriending process. After that, selected friends will be removed.

Friend Remover PRO confirm removing friends

That’s all folks, now you know how to bulk unfriend Facebook friends.


Friend Remover PRO Chrome is a very useful extension to bulk unfriend Facebook friends. If you have thousands of fake people added to your Facebook account, then this tool will let you get rid all of them in just a few minutes. All you have to do is just give it a try.

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