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Block Email Tracking: Detect if Email is Being Tracked in Gmail & Block it

See how to detect if email is being tracked in Gmail and block email tracking easily. Block read receipts and other email tracking pixels.



Email marketing is one of the oldest trends which has proven to be a good move to sell products. Nearly all the marketing emails you receive in your inbox have tracking code in it. And that code is responsible to record your actions on the email and send the report of the actions back to the sender. But sometimes, you have to beat this email tracking to keep your privacy and you can easily block email tracking. And here I will tell you how to detect if an email is being tracked and how do you block it. Trackers can send detail like when and where you opened the email, your location, Operating system, browser, and the links you clicked in the email. This is quite easy, and the best part is that you can’t even tell by just seeing an email that it has trackers in it.

There is a life saver Chrome extension, Ugly Email. If you install it, then it will disable tracking code in your inbox emails. Even you will be able to identify which of your emails have tracking code in it without actually opening them. However, this extension only targets Gmail for now. If you use another email services, then I am afraid to say that it won’t work. This is a very powerful extension to block email tracking in your Gmail for good.

How to Detect if Email is Being Tracked in Gmail and Block Email Tracking?

Ugly Mail offers dual functionality to help people who want to opt out for email tracking. First, it can detect that trackers are present in the email you just received. And second is the bonus point that it automatically disables the tracking code. It will keep you assure that the trackers in your pending emails will do not track any of our activities.

Without wasting so much of your time, install Ugly Mail extension from Chrome store. After that, when its icon appears in the toolbar, you can open your Gmail. As you open your Gmail, you will see an “eye” icon next to the subject in the inbox. That means those emails have tracker embed in them. But don’t you worry as Ugly Mail has already blocked their tracking capability. You can open those emails, read them, and delete them. The sender will never know what happened to the email that he designed so cleverly.

Ugly mail detect email tracking in inbox disbale email tracking

That screenshot of my Gmail account says it all. If you have understood how Ugly Mail works to block email tracking, then I am so sure that you will like it. Not for its simplicity, but for its powerful email tracking blocking capabilities. You can now easily detect if an email is being tracked in your inbox.

The Bottom Line

I always wanted to fool the senders who often send me an email with a tracker in it. But unfortunately, I couldn’t find a satisfactory solution to beat that until I come to know about Ugly Mail. It was a lifesaver for me and helped me block email tracking in my Gmail for good. Now I can easily detect which of the email in my inbox are being tracked and Ugly Mail keeps blocking their tracking capabilities. Apart from all this, why don’t you like to see how to send an anonymous email.

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