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10 Best Discord Soundboard Apps and Bots

Discord soundboard apps and bots are not a necessity to be used, it is an extension that offers an even wider range of features.



Today, we will talk about the 10 best Discord soundboard apps and bots. Discord has gained unimaginable popularity just recently. Given its remarkable features like the servers and chat-bots, the application has come up to be one of the most used social media or communication apps in the entire world. Although soundboard apps are not a necessity to be used along with the Discord app, it is an extension that offers an even wider range of features.

All discord fans and even those new to it, know about its servers. Servers are basically chat groups that can have more than 200,000 members at once and even about 25,000 online at the same time! The app is designed to provide efficiency and volume, for it connects a lot of people at once, which other social media apps lag at. It is widely used for online game-streaming, and, by using the best soundboard apps and bots along with it, you can surely make the most out of it. In fact, this might be your chance to shine!

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Why Add Soundboard?

While Discord only features audio communication services, it is sometimes infeasible to do so. Or maybe even, you might want to add some fun in your voice, like sound effects or voice modulations! For such purposes and more, there exist a lot of Soundboard apps and bots that can be used with Discord.

discord soundboard apps

While most of the soundboard applications have a hotkey system, meaning that you can play a specific sound with the help of keyboard shortcuts, others might have a manual play system. Every app has a different set of amazing features and its own cool set of sound collections.

Soundboard Bots, on the other hand, are specifically designed to deliver some function. These will not have a very long list of features, but a fantastic utility value.

The ultimate decision- to use an app or a bot, we’ll leave it up to you. While we will surely do our part and enlist the 10 best soundboard apps and bots you can use in your discord servers. We are pretty sure that you will have fun with the funky modulations and unexpected sound effects.

10 Best Discord Soundboard Apps and Bots:


Resanance soundboard app

The very best on the list of best soundboard apps and bots, has to be Resanance. It is not only an app that has one of the best collections of sound effects and voice modulations but is also completely free to install and use. You can choose an audio from the collection or add a new one of your own.

Resanance features an option to play sounds using hotkeys. This means that you can assign specific sounds to specific keys from your keyboard, and while you are on the Discord server, you can simply tap the keyboard hot key to play the sound!

The app was initially designed to work with discord, but with its upgrade to working on a larger level in the system, it can be used with any other app that uses voice input. Moreover, you can choose multiple audio outputs at once using this app.

Being a super popular app, it is also super easy to find assistance in using the app. There are a lot of blogs, vlogs and tutorials regarding the same and additionally, the app has its own website where you can refer to for help.


discord soundboard

The next up in the list is SoundPad, with its extensive collection of the best features possible in a soundboard app. It considers the most demanded and hot features, packs them, and offers all of its users a soundboard experience that they will most likely, never forget.

This one is actually a paid application, but every penny spent on it, is absolutely worth it!

Just like the one mentioned above, Resanance, users can opt to choose from the app’s collection of sound effects and modulations or add a customized one by themselves. It has the feature to play sounds from the deck, from the list or with the help of hot keys.

Besides, it has some really cool unique features. For example, on-screen shortcuts to toggle mic, record sounds or even edit them. Moreover, it has a volume adjustment feature that adjusts the volume of the sound played according to the system volume.

If you cannot make a quick decision, worry not, this also has a free trial period for one month. This one is worth a shot!

EXP Soundboard:

EXP Soundboard for discord

Most of the times, we do not even use the entire set of features available in an application. If you rethink carefully, your decision to use a soundboard app or a bot, it is very likely for you to realize that you need only the basic features. And paying an amount for that might not be your icing.

For such purposes, we have EXP Soundboard, with its very limited and basically essential features of a soundboard app available for you to use without paying a single penny!

This one also has one of the easiest user interfaces. Being loaded with all the important characteristics, it has but little scope for the users to be confused with what they want to deploy. Moreover, it has the option to assign sounds to hot keys.

Overall it is a quick app for sound effects and modulations in discord.

SoundBoard Studio:

Soundboard Studio discord

The next gem in the list does more than just be a soundboard assistant to your Discord server. It helps you edit, trim, merge, mix and extract audio files. With SoundBoard Studio, there is so much to explore!

You can choose to play the songs in a loop or set up shortcuts to play the sounds as and when you want.

It is also compatible with your ios device. It also has a feature that enables you to import audio files from other applications on your system. Moreover, you can add images to your audios to make them more identifiable.

Clownfish Voice Changer:

discord soundboard bot

Just like Resanance, this gem also works on a system level. Once installed, it can be used for all apps that use voice input. With the use of Clownfish Voice Changer, you can change your voice pitch in real-time. You can choose from predefined voice effects like baby pitch, male pitch, female pitch and other fictional character pitches. It also lets you customize your own pitch.

This one is a pretty simple app designed for one specific purpose and hence the user interface is not at all complicated, rather, it is so simple that a 6-year old could use it.

Overall it is a pretty handy app.


discord soundboard app

If you are looking something that plays the sounds and has hot keys, Mixere might not be the one for you. But if you are looking for a powerful audio mixing app that lets you mix live audio and plays it in the best quality possible, you just hit the jackpot!

The user interface of the app is pretty difficult to grasp. However, once you get used to it, it is the handiest audio application. Initially, it was designed to play live songs at concerts and gigs. But later on, it was developed to be used at every home.

You can choose from the seemingly unlimited collection of songs or add your own. Also, many songs can be played at once.

Podcast Soundboard:

discord soundboard

In the list of best soundboard apps and bots for discord, this one has to be the most technologically updated application. It has only modern graphics and user interface for all the aesthetic lovers out there.

It offers all the features of a common soundboard app including playing and saving sounds and hot keys. But what it does not have is that old layout of an application that looks even more complicated than it actually is.

With Podcast Soundboard in your device, you will have little to worry about the controls of the audio and their appearance on-screen. Rather, you get to enjoy a full package of soundboard app features with cool graphics.


soundboard discord

With the help of Rickbot, you cannot just play a sound whenever you like, but also add memes, GIFs, sound effects, and clips to your server or live stream. All these features can be accessed manually or eased through the help of assignment of shortcuts.

A user may choose an audio from the collection available or add a sound of their own. It Is a super easy bot and can be mastered very easily. The interface is very simple and it’ll only take a few minutes to set it up with your discord.

Additionally, you can play background music on your server using this bot. The playlist can be played directly from Spotify.


discord soundboard blerp

Blerp is an online platform that can be used with Discord through its bot. Now, once you set it up, you can choose to play any sound bite from their library. You can even add one of your own to play whenever you like. This bot features a large collection of servers from where you can choose the sound effects.

Being a bot, it can only be used with discord and does not work on a system level. However, it does its job so remarkably, that your discord would feel like a whole new application in itself.

Besides, you can visit the website to get it for other devices or applications.

The Discord Soundboard:

The last one in the list is also a bot but is really unique in its own way.

The best part about “The Discord Soundboard” is that it lets you play songs from youtube, which is the largest music library possible. This means that you can play literally every sound in the world. Or just create your own playlist on youtube and use it as background music for your server, for no cost at all!

Moreover, you can play music from your local device storage. This feature makes it the most extensive soundboard bot for discord. It really does have an unlimited audio library.


By using an app or a bot with your Discord server, you can make it stand out from the rest of the servers. Just by adding some background music, some voice modulations and some sound effects, you can even make your live stream more interesting and happening.

All of the apps and bots listed above offer almost the same set of features, except a few things. Therefore, it is necessary to consider your needs and expectations from the app first and then look for one.

In the list above, I have enlisted the 10 best apps and bots for discord, however, you only need one. While apps offer a better range of features, bots are light-sized than them. While apps can be used across different other apps, bots specialize in a specific feature.

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