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How to Backup and Restore Installed Software in Windows 10

See how to backup and restore installed software in Windows 10. Use the tool mentioned here and guide here will show you how odes it works



We frequently install a ton of outsider applications and software on our Windows PC. Yet, the most concerning issue with these outsider applications comes when you need to re-install Windows or do a reset. In that case, you have to totally install all the applications from the very beginning. This is a tedious procedure and for the situation, you can utilize Cloning, a freeware. It is a free software tool which enables you to take a backup of installed software and afterward restore them back once you have done the clean install of Windows 10.

Cloning actually meant to backup popular software like Google Chrome, 7-Zip, Photoshop, IrfanView, Libre Office, Notepad++, TeraCopy, Steam, Speccy, and more others. It supports a long list of software to back up and restore. However, I am afraid to say that it doesn’t support apps that you have installed on your computer. After a fresh install, you will have to re-install them again to get them back.

Backing up and Restoring installed software on Windows 10:

Cloning is a simple software to backup and restore software in Windows. After running, you can select the software you want to backup. When you have selected the software, you can tap on the Backup button and the application will deal with rest. While the application does not support all the applications on your PC, it takes care of the vast majority of the famous ones for Windows.

cloning software backup restore

As should be obvious from the screenshot above, it would be able to easily backup applications like Photoshop, Chrome, IrfanView, LibreOffice, Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird, Opera, Qbittorrent, TeamViewer, Utorrent, VLC, and some more. You can utilize the application to choose the rundown of all accessible applications which are installed.

The application isn’t simply limited to backup software only. It can likewise take a backup of the considerable number of drivers on your PC. It records all the installed drivers on your PC and enables you to backup them. When you have done the backup, you can utilize the backup manager to deal with the backups which enable you to erase certain backups if not required. There is additionally a reestablish alternative which permits you to restore the backup.

cloning backup restore drivers

Cloning is really a useful tool for Windows which saves a lot of time that you would have wasted in installing all the software and drivers again.

Download Cloning Freeware from here

The Bottom Line:

Software like Cloning was needed for users like me to backup software and data while about to do a clean install of Windows. However, During Windows update, it can save the installed software and services. So, if you have some important software installed on your PC and you want to install Windows again, then you may give this software a shot.

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