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How to Automatically Update Drivers in Windows 10

See how to automatically update drivers in Windows 10. Use the tool mentioned here and get rid of faulty, outdated drivers, install new ones



After a fresh installation of Windows, there comes a problem of drivers. Some of your devices don’t work unless you install the proper drivers for them. And it can happen if you are using an old laptop or PC. Windows 10 already comes with the intelligent updater with it but sometimes that doesn’t do the job. That’s why today I will tell you how to automatically update drivers in Windows 10. You can use an external tool called Wise Driver Care. This can look for the devices that need a driver and it can tell which of your drivers need to be updated.

Wise driver Care works out of the box. You don’t have to put things in place in order to update your drivers using this software. If you want more features, then you can go for its paid version. But, when it comes to updating drivers automatically, the free version will do the nice job. It will look the devices that need a driver to be installed and the old drivers that need to be updated. You can then let it do the rest. However, a little interaction will be required during the installation process.

How to Automatically Update Drivers in Windows 10?

There’s no need for describing each and every aspect of this software. Since the main purpose of this software is to update the old drivers and install the new ones. So, after getting the software, first open it, and you will find its look and feel to an interesting one.

wise driver care user interface

After that, click on ‘Check Up’ and then it will start looking for the devices that need a driver. Also, it will look for the old drivers and will tell you to update them. It automatically creates a list of drivers that need to be installed on your computer running on Windows 10. You can click on the install button or the update button according to your needs. And it will perform the corresponding actions on the go.

wise driver care updating installing drivers automatically

That’s all the hard work you need to automatically update drivers in Windows 10. And with the help of Wise Driver Care, your computer will never have faulty or outdated drivers.

Download Wise Driver Care

The Bottom Line

I have an old laptop and whenever I install a fresh Windows 10, then it fails to automatically update the drivers. I have to manually download them and install them till I came across this Wise Driver Care. Now I don’t have to manually look for the drivers on the website of my laptop vendor. The Wise Driver Care is doing a very nice job for me. If you often run into driver issues, then get up and try this software right now.

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