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Android File Manager with App Manager, App Backup Feature

Amaze File Manager is the free Android file manager with app manager, app backup, material design, and many other features.



Amaze File Manager is the free Android file manager with app manager, app backup, material design, and many other features. You don’t have to worry about installing separate apps for managing your files and apps and even for backing up your apps. While using the file manager app mode, the app also has the option of seeing the permissions each of the file and folder has. You can also choose whether you want the app manager to show the hidden files and folders or not. The other options include bookmarks, history, compressing and extracting files with one tap.

As for the app manager mode, you can uninstall apps, backup them, share, and even directly go to the app page on Play Store. This app, in other words, works similar to Windows File Explorers but for Android.

Using Amaze File Manager as the File Manager:

On launching the Amaze File Manager app, you will be welcomed by the interface shown below. The first noticeable thing about the app is the Material Design. You can see all the folders are neatly shown with an option to create a new folder at the top. You can also see that there is a text “rwx” in front of folders. It signifies the permissions each of the folders have. The “rwx” means Read, Write, and Execute permissions. If you want to search for any specific folder, then you can do so via the search bar at the top.

You can then tap on any folder to see the files it contains. To select any folder or file, you have to tap and hold on it and to get options, tap on three dot icon. You can perform common actions like cut, copy, paste, delete, etc. as well as hide and compress a file with just one tap.

Compressing Files Using Amaze File Manager:

You can use Amaze File Manager to compress files and folders easily. All you need to do is go to the file/folder which you want to compress and tap & hold on it. You will get a drop-down list of options and you need to select Compress from the list. The app will ask you to name the compressed file name. Give the name and tap on Create to start the compressing process. You can see one such file compressed by me.

Extracting Files Using Amaze File Manager:

Just like you can use the file manager to compress files, you can also use it to extract compressed files. To do so, you need to go to the compressed file which you want to extract. Now, tap on the file to get the pop-up with two options: View and Extract. Choose the option you as per your choice.

Adding Bookmarks in Amaze File Manager:

The one unique feature of Amaze File Manager is that it lets you add bookmarks to the folder locations. The bookmarks help you access a particular folder with just one tap instead of going through the long process. To add any folder as a bookmark, select it and choose “Add to Bookmark” from the list of options. You can access all your bookmarks by tapping on the hamburger icon.

Checking History Using Amaze File Manager:

The other unique and amazing feature of Amaze File Manager is that you can check history with one tap. The history option shows you all the folders and files accessed by you recently. It means no more hard work to get back to them, just tap on the History option and go through the history and tap on the folder you want to visit.

Using Amaze File Manager as the App Manager:

For using the app manager, tap on the hamburger icon and choose the App Manager option.

It will show you the list of all the apps installed on your device along with the app size. Tap and hold on any of the apps to get the list of options. You can then choose to open, backup, uninstall the app. You can also check the properties, share the app, and even open the app page in the Play Store.

Backup Apps in Android using Amaze File Manager:

Another good feature of the Amaze File Manager app is that it lets you backup your Android apps as APK. It means if you uninstall an app by mistake, then you can install it without downloading it again. To do this, you need to go to the App Manager and tap and hold on the name of the app for which you want to create the backup. It will give you a list of options, tap on Backup option.

When you will tap on the Backup option, the app manager starts backing up app instantly. You can find the backup of the app at /storage/sdcard0/app_backup folder. Do remember that you can’t backup multiple apps together.

Settings of the Amaze File Manager:

The Amaze File Manager also provides a lot of settings options. You can change the theme, color scheme, icon type, enable/disable hide mode and many more customization settings.

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Amaze File Manager is an awesome Android file manager which saves you from the hassles of installing multiple apps for individual purposes. The material design makes it even better. Do give it a try.

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