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How to Add Multiple Links to Instagram Bio

In this post, we will see how to add multiple links to Instagram bio. You can use Linktree to add unlimited links to your profile bio.



Here, in this post, we will see how to add multiple links to Instagram Bio. Even though Instagram is regularly adding new features (like Superzoom), but it still has one restriction i.e. it only allows you to add a single link to your bio. This makes it difficult for many Insta users to share their other social account links, multiple website links, product links, and so forth. So, if someone wants to share a new link with his or her followers then the only way is to remove the existing link from bio and add the new one. Be that as it may, what if I tell you that there is a simple hack which can help in adding unlimited links to your Instagram bio. “Well! well! well! look who is already excited“.

Adding multiple links to bio using the Instagram app or web version is practically impossible as no such option exists (yet). So, for doing this, you have to use a third-party application called LinktreeBasically, it is a free online tool which makes it possible for Instagram users to add multiple links to their bio. It provides a single link which can be added to the bio and when it is clicked a new page appears with all the links which you want to share with followers.

Let’s see how it works.

 How to Add Multiple Links to Instagram Bio?

To begin, open Linktree and create an account. After doing that, click on the Add New Button/Link option under the Links menu.

Now, you can add a new link by typing a title and entering the URL. The link can be to your other social profile, website, or of anything you wish. In this manner, it lets you add as unlimited URLs in the Linktree dashboard.

When you have set up all the links you want to add to the Instagram bio, copy the link displayed at the top of the live preview on the right side.

Now, open Instagram app or web and select Edit Profile option. After that, enter the link that you have copied under your Website link. This is the main link that will be displayed on your Instagram bio.

Now, when any follower clicks on the link in your Instagram bio, a new page will open. On the new page, the follower will see all the links (with green buttons) which you have added to Linktree dashboard. The image below is an example of that. The follower will now be able to tap on the link buttons to visit your social profile, website, or anywhere you have added the links for.

There are other options you will find on the Linktree dashboard such as the option to perceive how frequently each link is clicked and change the Linktree page theme.


So, in this way, you can add multiple links to Instagram bio. No more worries about regularly changing the bio link to share a new link with your friends or followers. Just use Linktree and add hundreds of links if you want to for free.

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