How to Activate GodMode in Windows 10

See how to activate GodMode in Windows 10. Here is a very handy guide is given that you can use to activate the legendary and hidden GodMode in Windows 10



In case you’re tired of exchanging amongst Settings and the Control Panel, hunting down your lost settings, there is an approach to get to all settings and controls in a single place via GodMode. GodMode has been around since Windows 7, however, is as yet perfectly healthy with Windows 10. It is a committed envelope that puts the majority of your settings in a single place, where you’ll have the capacity to do everything from including tickers for various time zones to defragmenting your drives. What’s more, it’s a snap to set up.

In Windows 10, settings and controls are partitioned between the Settings menu and the conventional Control Panel. A few settings including touchscreen-particular settings and Windows Update are in the Settings menu, while others are in Control Panel. However, I still didn’t get it why Microsoft didn’t give an easy option to activate GodMode without any fuss. So, many people who are new to this, want to immediately setup it, but the question is how. And that is why I m here. Here I will tell you how to activate the hidden GodMode in Windows 10.

How to Set up or Activate GodMode?

There is nothing you have to install to activate GodMode in WWindows10. Not a third party software, any dependency tool or any other supportive tool. You just need a neat PC running Windows 10.

To enable GodMode, check if the user account you are using is an administrator account and then right-click on the desktop and click New > Folder.

Next, copy and paste the following into the folder name:


Please make sure that you copy the whole upper line, including “GodMode”, the period and the brackets.

The folder icon will change to a control panel icon. Double-click on the new icon to see your universal settings panel. The settings are organized under various headings, from Administrative Tools to Windows Firewall.

Above is the front end of the legendary GodMode about which this whole post is. If you have owned a PC, then you may want to keep all the PC settings in one place. So, what could be the better idea of doing that other than activating GodMode? So, get up and do it now.

Editors’ note:

GodMode in Windows 10 is a smart way of dealing with tons of Windows settings at one place. You will find almost every setting that you can think of in here. Also, you can search for any settings and tweak that. There is nothing different, the PC settings work in the same way as they do when you access them in the traditional way. It’s just that in GodMode, you can see the whole PC settings in one place.


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