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5 Free HTML5 Video Converter for Windows

Here are 5 top and free HTML5 video converter for Windows that will ease your task of converting your videos into HTML5 video formats.



In this article, we will see 5 top & free HTML5 video converter for Windows. Earlier, playing a video on a webpage required a plugin like Adobe Flash Player. But HTML5 video element changed that as it does not require any plugin. The HTML5 Video Element specifies a standard way to embed a video in a web page and it is supported by all modern browsers. So, no more requirement of an additional plugin for playing videos on webpages. HTML5 video is very easy to embed on a webpage just like embedding an image, and it is faster than using a plugin.

If you are thinking of using HTML5 videos on your website, the first and major step is converting the video files into the right format. It is possible to convert any video file format into HTML5 video format. However, HTML5 only supports a few video formats, namely OGG, WebM, and MP4. Different browsers support different HTML5 video format.

  • Google Chrome – WebM, Ogg
  • Mozilla Firefox – WebM, Ogg
  • Opera – WebM, Ogg
  • Safari – MP4
  • Internet Explorer 9 – MP4
  • Internet Explorer 6-8 – No HTML5, Flash Only!

Is that mean one needs to upload video in all these formats to target vast majority? The answer is no, as most flash players support MP4 files, this means you only need to create two different video formats to support all browsers. MP4 for Safari, Internet Explorer and mobile platform and a choice between WebM and Ogg for the rest. This is a tough choice between WebM and Ogg, but honestly, WebM is probably going to win out in the end, considering it’s Google’s project and as they stated that they will shield any company using WebM from patent litigation. Also, WebM files are smaller in size compared to Ogg files. So, you can say that WebM is the leading video media format in the future of web video.

Here are five free software that will ease your task of converting your videos into HTML5 video formats.

Easy HTML5 Video:

As the name suggests, Easy HTML5 Video is very easy to work with and solely designed for HTML5 video conversion. It doesn’t provide a lot of customization options, only let you set the video’s resolution and quality. It gives you options whether to enable some HTML5 specific features such as autoplay, video loops, and controls. It also has a preview window and a timeline frame below that.

Easy HTML5 Video shows real-time browsers support as you choose compatible output formats. It also lets you add a poster to your video, that will be shown as a thumbnail for that video. There is a Batch Mode feature, which lets you convert multiple files with same configurations. Easy HTML5 Video has a publisher tool that let you export your video to local storage, to an FTP Server, or you can insert it directly into an HTML page.

Free HTML5 Video Player and Converter:

Free HTML5 Video Player and Converter is a simple program with a solo purpose of playing and converting regular video files into HTML5 video files. It exports videos in MP4 and OGV formats, no option for WebM though. There are multiple quality presets to choose from, but they are not customizable.

The special feature that differs it from the rest is, you can theme the HTML5 player. There are five different themes and furthermore, you can also change the color in them. The program itself has three themes to choose from, which change the user interface of the program. You can add multiple files and convert them under the same quality preset. It also offers some additional features like Hardware Acceleration and Shutdown down when done, which always comes handy.

(AVC) Any Video Converter:

Any Video Converter has a well-designed interface that is very simple to use. It supports many different file formats, including HTML5 video formats OGG, WebM, and MP4. It has lots of presets for the output video based on format and device type. You can do minor editings such as cut, crop, and rotation. You can add effects & watermark to the video as well as you can combine multiple videos into a single video file.

You can further tweak your videos by managing the resolution, quality, bitrate, and frame rate. AVC supports CUDA and OpenCL GPU acceleration if you have the hardware available for that. Any Video Converter also comes with the ability to download and save YouTube videos in multiple formats.

Freemake Video Converter:

Freemake Video Converter supports a large number of different formats. It features many presets that includes different video formats and different device architectures such as Android, BlackBarry, PlayStation etc. Freemake also has support for audio and image files, you can create a slideshow video out of pictures. Freemake Video Converter supports all three HTML5 video formats.

You can quick-edit the video such as cropping and rotation. You can add subtitle to a video and can easily join multiple videos together in a single video with just a single click. Freemake has a feature to hide your private videos and it supports both CUDA and DXVA technologies, which will speed up video conversion with a compatible graphics card.


HandBrake is a free and open-source video converter that is capable of converting videos to web-optimized MP4 files. It doesn’t support any of the other HTML5 video formats but it has a number of extra features if you are looking for that. Such features are title, chapter selection, chapter marking (viewers can use the markers to quickly jump to those points in the video), and subtitle support. It also offers video filters such as deinterlacing and grayscale.

You can crop, flip, and rotate a video easily. Handbrake features various video codecs (including H.265) and you can vary the frame rate from 5 to 120. It shows live video preview and feature queue encoding which lets you queue your tasks. You can configure what to do when the conversion will be done.


HTML5 video element is becoming mainstream video format as HTML5 videos load faster, stream at a higher quality and provide a better experience with fewer errors than when we were using Flash.

All these HTML5 video converter have their own advantages, Free HTML5 Video and DVDVideoSoft’s Free HTML5 Video Player and Converter are primarily focus on HTML5. Whereas Any Video Converter and Freemake Video Converter offer a vast range of output formats with a little bit basic editing features. On the other hand, HandBrake only offers an MP4 format for HTML5 video but it offers others decent features to compensate for others.

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