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Email Tracker to Get Read Receipt for Sent Emails: Mailmark

MailMark is a free email tracker to get read receipt for sent emails. It lets you send emails to multiple recipients at once and track whether they’ve read your emails or not. When a recipient reads your email, you will get a read receipt along with the reader’s name, date, and time in your primary email address. It also comes with a simple dashboard where you can track the number of emails read, unread emails, total emails sent, and monthly emails. This website is a potential alternative to email notifier software.

Whenever you send an email using MailMark, it generates a random email id which is visible to the recipients instead of your personal one. Similar to WhoReadMe, “MailMark” also gives you the read receipt with the accurate date and time of when the email was read by a specific recipient. Additionally, you can also send memos apart from emails. The free edition of MailMark is limited to 2 recipients per email.

How to Get Read Receipt for Sent Emails using MailMark?

Step 1: When you sign into MailMark, you will see a simple dashboard where you can track the number of emails read, unread emails, total emails sent by you, and the monthly emails. At the top, you will see tabs like Send, Recipient, Unread, Drafts, and Sent Log.

Step 2: To begin with sending messages and getting read receipt, the primary thing you have to do is include recipients. Tap the “Recipients” tab in the menu bar and select “Add”. Then enter the name and email address of the user and click the “Add” button.

Step 3: When you’re finished with including recipients, you can peruse the “Send” tab to begin sending messages to the users. Select the “Email” option, then the composer will show up where you will have the option to choose numerous recipients, include a subject, and write your message.

Step 4: Once the email is typed, you can save it as a draft or tap the “Send” button to send the email. When you send an email with MailMark, it produces an arbitrary email id for you as opposed to utilizing your primary email address.

Step 5: It likewise has an option that enables you to send memos. Go to the “Send” tab and select “Memo” rather than “Email”. The composer is like the email composer yet with a unique option of “Level”. This option gives you a chance to characterize the main purpose of the memo, for example, warning, update, termination notice, procedural change, and plain notice.

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Step 6: Once, you’re finished with sending messages and memos, you will begin getting read receipt in your primary email when any recipient peruses your email or memo. The email which you will get as read receipt or affirmation will incorporate the name of the peruser, date, and the time of when the email was perused or read.


MailMark is a basic email tracker service that gives you a chance to get read receipts of emails which you send utilizing this website. It likewise gives you a chance to send memos to the recipients.

As a user, it is troublesome for me to totally or indiscriminately believe this email service as there is no announcement on the site that they won’t abuse or get to emails or other data of clients. So to the extent, it is the worry for protection and security, I would rather run with some other dependable services like Mozilla Thunderbird and MailChimp.